Thursday, July 30, 2009

if i'm dead he did it

June 17th - June 18th, 2009
He replies back. He is available this weekend. In fact, let's go for Saturday morning. He wants to go to the Farmers Market.
Ahh, our farmers market is not exciting. At least it has not been the last few times I have gone. Rather small and boring are the nicest thing I can say about it.
I sent a chat message to my girlfriends ... should I go? Should I offer another suggestion? They all tell me to go, if it sucks then we can laugh at how much it sucks.
I email him back, Farmers Market it is. Saturday AM on June 20th. I tell him I want breakfast thrown in too.
He replies back. Breakfast will be throw in too. 9:00.
I reply back. 9:30. I need to hit the gym before the date (this is my normal Saturday AM thing, I'm not doing it for the date).
He replies back. Deal. 9:30.
I email him. What is your full name and phone number? Oh! And what is your real email address? I think we need to move past the match email system.
He replies back. I have his name, phone number and his email. Ahhh, crap! He has GMail too! This could be a good thing ... or bad. I google him. I find nothing but his Linkedin profile. He has a good job history. He works for the "Evil Blue Empire". My competition for work! HA! We are in the same industry. Verrrrrry interesting!
I forward his email to Sasha and Melissa B that gives his email address, full name and phone number. I tell them I have a date and I have never meet the guy before. If I show up missing, he did it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

it's almost a done deal

June 16th, 2009
What is wrong with him I asked.
His answer?
Hmm ... faults-o-mine ... I'm a driven and ambitious man that has taken his time to do what he believed to be the right thing for those around him. And to be exceptionally vague, that has been my story.
He nailed it. That was vague! Driven and ambitious??? Wow, what a turn on!

His 5 random things:
1. I have a wide toe box.
2. I finally understand my mom's song bird fascination.
3. I built an arbor for my balcony about a month ago, which totally rocks!
4. I don't own a TV
5. Yes, I can afford a TV
Hmmmmm. Super cool about building an arbor. In fact a man that can use his hands is super sexy to me. It shows strength, skill and smarts. I like! He doesn't own a TV? What the heck is that about?
This dude is odd! He talks about his toe box. haha! Who does that?! His writing style is the best I have ever seen in the online dating game. He seems educated. He seems witty. He is funny. He goes off on tangents. My kind of man.
I wanna play his game.
I email him back and ask when he is available for dates. I question his lack of TV.
I await his response back for when he is available for our first date.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

don't mock buffy!

June 11th, 2009
Late in the evening after I finish my homework I check my email. He wrote back.
I smile before I opened the email. I can see his wit while I am reading his reply! He tells me he would love to meet me this weekend but he can't for his mom says he has to stay home. He was kidding of course. He was flying back home for the weekend to visit his parents and friends. He suggests we get together for some coffee and Buffy the Vampire Slayer later next week. 'Cause, that show rocked!!!
Ok now, in my profile I wrote that I LOVED Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I LOVED IT! I mean, who doesn't? If he was being sarcastic I was going to make him suffer through Buffy if he dared to mock her awesomeness. If he was being serious I would have a night of bliss. Win win on my end!
I wrote him back and told him to be safe on his trip. I also asked him what was wrong with him. He is 36, never been married, no children, athletic body, witty, has a great ass and very well educated. Maybe that is it, he must be a dork. Or is he socially inept? Does he not believe in pre-marital sex? Pish posh! Every man wants pre-marital sex! Hmmm. What is wrong with him? Where is his baggage? I'm intrigued.
I need to remember he does not want to do small talk with email or phone calls. He wants to meet the other right away to see if anything clicks. I do not know if I am game. It is kind of scary.
What are his 5 random things?

Monday, July 27, 2009

this profile is a riot!

June 11th, 2009
I'm taking y'all back to the beginning.
With match, you get an email every 4-5 days with possible matches. I received an email and there is one picture that caught my eye. I click on it and it took me to his profile.
It is one of the most well written and hysterical profiles I have ever read. It's a pure ramble of thoughts that seem random but really they come together. Two key things stand out:
  • One - he says he does not do email or phone calls, he does face to face meetings
  • Two - he shoots off his favorite recipe that he wants "the one" to make for him. It gives details on how to chop, what pan to use, which brands to buy, etc
I laughed so hard and so many times my cheeks hurt. It was SUCH a riot! You can tell he likes to play and he is having fun. At the bottom it lists his dream girl requirements. He wants someone that has a degree and he wants someone with no children. Well bugger, this funny man and I do not match. I mean I am in school again but I do not have a degree and I DEFINITELY have a child. Well crap.
So what? Well, it is something he told the system he wants .... what do I do???
I send him an email that says "You have one of the funniest profiles I have ever read. I want you to know I give you a standing 'O' in this corner. Bravo! Bravo!"
While I wait for a response I check out the rest of his profile. He has been online lately and he has a great ass.
I hope he replies.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

did you see that?!

My socks. Are blown off.
He has knocked my socks off. They are not on my feet. They are not in they room ....
Wooosh! Did you SEE that! They are out the Gawd Damn door!
My socks are gone.
Oh my. Oh freakin my.
His name shall be Mr Stunnin.

Journal entries will resume next week. You will get it from the beginning. We are a month old at this point.

Friends ... he stuns me in every way possible.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I met a man.
Working FT, being a single mom and stupidly taking too many classes has left me with no time to blog about it.
He is a tad kooky.
He is sweet.
He is calm.
He makes me smile when I think about him.
This my friends makes me happy. I do not have a nickname for him yet but I shall come up with one soon.
My posts will be rather scarce until school is out. School ends 7/24. Nikki is not over, she is just on hold. This I promise. You will get my adventures again.
Maybe another love too, who knows ...