Thursday, July 30, 2009

if i'm dead he did it

June 17th - June 18th, 2009
He replies back. He is available this weekend. In fact, let's go for Saturday morning. He wants to go to the Farmers Market.
Ahh, our farmers market is not exciting. At least it has not been the last few times I have gone. Rather small and boring are the nicest thing I can say about it.
I sent a chat message to my girlfriends ... should I go? Should I offer another suggestion? They all tell me to go, if it sucks then we can laugh at how much it sucks.
I email him back, Farmers Market it is. Saturday AM on June 20th. I tell him I want breakfast thrown in too.
He replies back. Breakfast will be throw in too. 9:00.
I reply back. 9:30. I need to hit the gym before the date (this is my normal Saturday AM thing, I'm not doing it for the date).
He replies back. Deal. 9:30.
I email him. What is your full name and phone number? Oh! And what is your real email address? I think we need to move past the match email system.
He replies back. I have his name, phone number and his email. Ahhh, crap! He has GMail too! This could be a good thing ... or bad. I google him. I find nothing but his Linkedin profile. He has a good job history. He works for the "Evil Blue Empire". My competition for work! HA! We are in the same industry. Verrrrrry interesting!
I forward his email to Sasha and Melissa B that gives his email address, full name and phone number. I tell them I have a date and I have never meet the guy before. If I show up missing, he did it!

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