Monday, August 3, 2009

luka not lola

June 19th, 2009

The day before the date we exchange emails. Real ones where we try to learn more about each other. Here are some goodies:

I told him he worked for the Evil Blue Empire and he says:
Mwaahaahaa… I'm sorry, there's a new memo out at the evil blue empire requiring the intro to any outgoing email to include, as they say, 'an evil laughter, or its equivalent effect…' There was the usual idea requiring everyone to give the 'evil eye' to all new comers, which everyone knows is only ever supported by 'Old Man Jeb the Janitor' (actually, he's a really nice guy), but it's painfully difficult to enforce. Plus, no one can ever agree on which eye to use. You know, the evil blue empire didn't just arrive at this level of evil… it's a team effort. Go Team!

On what we are going to do on the date and of course, 5 more random things:

Mmm… game plan. I'd like to meet at (restaurant name removed), then go to the Farmer's Market, then eat. I'm flexible though, mostly I'm just planning to keep you on your toes all morning.

Five Random Things:

1. I'm growing a tomato plant (black krim) in one of those topsy turvy planters. It's far heavier than I thought it was going to be, and the wrought iron hanger it on is beginning to have a noticeable downward bend to it. Gonna have to replace or fix that.

2. My sign is Sagittarius. And, I hold zero stock in that, to which I've been told only proves my Sagittarius traits, to which I reply harrumph.

3. I have one brother and one sister, older sister, younger brother.

4. I live on the second floor, but not with Lola.

5. Turtles can breath through their butts… or so I've heard.

6. I drive a 2007 Subaru Forester, creamish in color, might be useful knowledge

So I replied:

Sounds like a plan. Trying to keep me on my toes and all on the first date.
Regarding Lola. I think her name is Luka. As in "My name is Luka. I live on the 2nd floor. I live upstairs from you. Yes I think you've seen me before." That Luka?? I am glad you do not live with her for her ass was beat. :(
To FUNNY on #5. GOOD to know. Good to know.
I hope to be accepted into an Allied Health program. My goal at this time is to be a sonogram technician. We shall see.
5 random things:
I am drinking iced tea right now. I really want ice cream.
I was locked IN my office last night. It was really funny. The door nob broke so it would not turn to open. The really bad news? I had to go potty.
I live in a house. It's just one floor.
I hope it storms tonight.
I dance in the shower. Well, not in the mornings.
I all the time.
I did 6 (7 now) because you did six.
I just noticed you are in my chat. EEK! Damn GMail. Actually I am a GMail pimp. Pimpess? Regardless, I love GMail. I pimp it. A lot. My friend Melissa likes to make fun of me. Whatever, I just like GMail.
I have a terrible singing voice but I do not care. I love to sing. I sing everywhere. Often. Proud. My childhood dream was to be a singer. One day I was singing in the car with my dad and my sisters and that was when I knew I could not be a singer. He asked "who is singing like a dying cow?" Yes my dad said this. I was, oh, maybe 8. sniff, sniff.

So he replied:

I am so busted… You're right, it was Luka. My bad. I'll bet you a game of Hot Hands, if I win you have to sing the song to me, and if you win you have to sing the song to me. How 'bout it?

Seriously, you got locked in your office last night? That's funny, I'm still laughing at that. Did you get video? I'd like to see the video.

I had that EEK moment with GMail, too. I was all, I'm not ready yet… oh, wait.. she can't see me, everything is fine, deep breaths Mr Stunnin, deep breaths… no worries, eventually they were able to talk me down off the rafters. Actually, it was more of a 'I was not expecting that' moment, but where's the fake drama in that… 'cause, I'm all about the fake drama.

A few more random things:

You know, your shower must have a really grippy bottom or you have exceptionally good balance.

Hello, my name is Mr Stunnin, and I'm addicted to my Ipod.

I really like down hill skiing, and I'm pretty good at it.

See you tomorrow.

And the date begins in the AM.

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