Thursday, August 13, 2009

outside the box

July 8th, 2009
We are again back to no communication. We have had 2 phone calls. 3 dates. A handful of chats. Otherwise, nuttin! Nuttin at all! It's been a month! Insane.
I think about him off and on. We have a lot of fun when we are together. We play. I am calm with him. I have that peace I need. I also have the insane desire to jump him! He is kind of a combo of Mr P and Mr Big Man. The passion with Mr P and the peace with Mr Big Man. Plus he is hot!!!!
Yet I feel I still know nothing about him.
Everything I have done with other men I have not done with him.
I usually have this whole "screening" process. I ask certain questions. I have a certain amount of phone calls. I send so many emails ... but nope, that has not happened.
I initiated our kisses ... that COULD be normal in a relationship but not the norm before the relationship. Everything is off kilter ... he took my comfort zone from me.
And I let him.
And I am only a little freaked out.
We chat briefly tonight with Gmail chat. I am "in school" - I'm taking online classes - and while I am in school he is at work - the evil blue empire.
I tease him that he works as hard as I do. He says he is working hard so he can be free when I am done with school. He works an average of 50 hours a week usually but he's killing it with about 75 hours now.
We see each other tomorrow again. Our 4th date and it will be during lunch again. One week from our last date.
I am very eager and I am very much looking forward to it.

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