Tuesday, August 11, 2009

give me a ring

July 1st,
I call him in the evening and I get his voice mail.
I say "Hey! Give me a ring." I then giggle (who the hell knows why!). Then I say "Oh! This is Nikki!" Giggle some more.
Mr Stunnin calls me back. "What does your voice mail mean?"
"What are you talking about? I asked you to call me back." I am confused.
With laughter in his voice he says "No. You asked for a ring then giggled. What kind of ring are you talking about? Why would you say 'give me a ring' ... and then clarify who you are ... what kind of ring do I need to give you?"
Click. I got it! He thought I meant, give me a ring around my finger, not give me a call back. OK, he is a silly fool! My mind was not going there! Hasn't he ever heard of give me a ring? I guess people say "give me a ring BACK", but still!!! Come on! His mind went there! This does make me laugh. I tell him what I meant but to answer his other question, "the ring that you shall give me will be a princess cut. Remember that! Do not ever forget. PRINCESS CUT!"
That makes him laugh out loud.
He tells me I rock.
I tell him I know. With a princess cut.
That makes him laugh harder. He says he will try to find a princess cut from the gum ball machine.

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