Friday, August 14, 2009

isn't natural best?

July 9th, 2009
An hour before lunch I send a chat. I tell him I am thinking I want him to great me in a certain "special" way. Something special in the kiss department. He is interested and says he will see what he can come up with in the kiss department.
I have butterflies. My toes curl. This is BEFORE the kiss.
I am sitting down waiting for him to enter the restaurant. For some reason I beat him this time.
He enters and spots me right away.
My hands start to sweat. CRAP. He makes me nervous! Ah CRAP! I made myself nervous! I told him to kiss me with a greeting.
I wipe my palms on my pants. I swallow. I smile. He comes over and sits next to me. My heart starts to pound. I'm still wiping my palms. He leans in to kiss me and I think 'this is wrong' and I am so DAMN nervous!!! I know the kiss was good but we were sitting next to each other in the restaurant and it felt off. It did not flow. There was too much pressure. Way to go Nikki.
Moment = ruined.
He stands up to sit across from me and I immediately relax. Then he leans down and plants a quick one on me. THAT one I liked.
What the heck?!
My butterflies were gone. My palms were dry. My heart beat goes to normal.
I'm calm again. We talk. We laugh. We share stories. We talk about family. We have ME TOO moments. We get to know each other a little more. It was a fabulous lunch.
It's time to leave for I have exactly one hour for lunch.
I think about him all afternoon.
I do not see him online. I sent him a quick email before 5:00. The title is "I need a break!" and the email says "I have a confession to make. A little secret if you will. I really look forward to our first make out session."
I giggle. I wonder what he will think.
I leave work. I go to the gym. I work out big time.
I take a shower and get online. It's time for school.
He had sent an email and he is online. He told me in his email I made his pants hard to wear. HA!
I send a chat, tell him my school schedule, for you know, reasons. He wants to know the reasons. I tell him if I get done with my school work, I can have a break. He gets very excited. He is at work and between assignments I chat with him. I keep him posted. 3 out of 6 done. 4 out of 6 done. 5 out of 6 done. 6 out of 6 done.
11:13 PM Nikki: sooooo
11:14 PM Mr Stunnin: hmm???
11:17 PM I, very much, would like to see you tonight. If only walk your halls and see what tastes you have and what pictures you hang... and, maybe to kiss you, too. You know, only if you're a really nice girl though, a guy's gotta have standards. :)
Nikki: haha
11:18 PM what standards?
my house is a mess
I have not cleaned in a month
Mr Stunnin: haha
Nikki: I am not kidding
I have picked up
but it is not up to par ... my par
11:19 PM and I am wearing my glasses
no make up on
Mr Stunnin: Oooo.. really! I could see you with your glasses! Cool!
Nikki: no hair "did"
Mr Stunnin: Where did you put your hair?
Nikki: it's hanging up
11:20 PM Mr Stunnin: What, in the closet?
Nikki: bathroom
behind the door
2nd peg down
Mr Stunnin: Your hair is hanging behind the bathroom door?
Nikki: yep
Mr Stunnin: I'm confused.
Nikki: I am kidding!!!
11:21 PM Mr Stunnin: HEY!!!
Nikki: LMAO
Mr Stunnin: It is MY job to tease you... don't go gettin' any ideas girly!
Nikki: I'll try not to get any ideas
can't promise
Mr Stunnin: uh... huh...
11:22 PM Nikki: so ....
I need a game plan
Mr Stunnin: k... I'm game.
11:23 PM What can I do coach?
Nikki: ring

I call him. I give him my address. I warn him. I am in a tank top, boxers, glasses on, no make up and my hair dried naturally.
That says a lot for I have very curly hair.
I stand at the door and wait. I start to get excited. I run to the hall way to go to my bedroom to straighten up ... why? what for? My heart starts beating again. Hard. Loudly. I start breathing heavier. I walk down to the bedroom and stare in my room. I turn and walk into the bathroom. I have an urge to put make up on. I have an urge to fix my hair. I have an urge to look "pretty". I start to panic.
I hear his car.
I run to the front door. I HAVEN'T FIXED ANYTHING!!! HE GOT HERE TO FAST. IT WAS LIKE FIVE MINUTES. OH MY GAWD!!!!! He gets out of the car.
He smiles.
I let him in the house and first thing out of my mouth is "We are not having sex tonight."

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  1. AHhhhh! He sounds super cute. I am loving living vicariously through you. I felt nervous for you too. I was like oh my gosh, she is there first! When will he get there too? Haha. Can't wait to hear more sister.

    Happy Friday to you! Have a great weekend!


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