Monday, August 10, 2009

keeping blog secrets

June 30th, 2009
We ignore each other again.
So the 2nd date was Thursday June 25th. Our next communication is Monday June 29th.
He updates his status in chat to "Nikki is awesome-er" late in the day.
I reply: thanks for saying I am awesome-er. I will not argue.
The conversation goes from there. Flirting back and forth again. I have a date that night with the gym. I tell him not to go; which is a lie for I want him to go ... us women are so confusing. I do not recall if I told you this but we belong to the same gym.
Anyways, he can't go. He is working long hours at work. I tell him I will "see" him online when I am at school. He likes that plan.
After working out and cleaning up I start school. At 12:17AM I notice he is still online. I am done with my assignments for the night. I send a quick chat asking him if I can call him. He says yes.
We have our first phone call!
We talk about religion, why neither one of us have been married (recall my Mr Right and Mr Right now speech), what we want from a partner, how sex clouds things and about love. LOVE! Anyways, he said something that really stood out. I told him my Mr Right and Mr Right Now and he says, "this is what I need. I need 'You. Me. Yes. Forever.' Once I think that then I know she is the one I will ask to marry."
Ahhh. It's kind of cave man like! Enter dream sequence { "YOU" he yells and slams down his club in front of me. "ME" he bangs his chest. "YES" he pulls me by my arm (in a loving way!) to the ceremony. "FOREVER" he bellows in my face with a smile. }
OK. Hmm. Dream sequence not so dreamy.
But whatever. I liked it! I really liked it for that is what I believe too! You, me, yes, forever! It was perfect.
We both also agree that once sex starts it's an automatic exclusive relationship.
I tell him about the blog. He wants to know the address. I said no way and then I ask why did he want to read about my past relationships? He said he would hopefully learn from it and learn more about me. I still said no. I told him how everyone had a nickname (the men do) and I never mention where I am. He gives me permission to write about him in here. For my girlfriends, please never reveal his nickname to him. I think he would be the one to Google it and find the blog! We can't have that!
The last topic is about seeing each other again. I look at my calendar and I am free on the 2nd during lunch. He is free too. We have our 3rd date scheduled.
Our phone call ends around 3:00AM and I fall asleep with a smile on my face (I might have drifted off thinking about a cave man).

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  1. 3rd date! Woo hoo. Very exciting. Your chats with him sound light hearted and fun. That is a great start. Can't wait to hear more.


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