Monday, August 17, 2009

I wanna take a ride on your ...

July 9th, 2009 - July 10th, 2009
As stated in the last entry, the first thing out of my mouth was "We are not having sex tonight."
He laughs. He agrees. He said that was not his intention.
My palms start to sweat again.
I show him the house. He likes where the "magic happens".
We go back to the living room. We sit on the couch. We get up and stand in the kitchen. We go back to the living room. We stand. We sit. We stand.
It's all nerve racking! What the hell?!?! I feel so under dressed! I feel un-pretty. I feel nervous. I really want a make out session.
An hour later we are sitting on the couch again. During the last hour we had nervous conversation. He has not tried anything. But damn, I guess I need to be the one to start.
"There is something I like to do. I like to sit on my man. Really it is straddling. Facing him." It is very true. I love to do that. For foreplay. For serious conversations. For fun. I just like to do it.
Mr Stunnin smiles and tell me to go for it.
I do. He is sitting on the couch. I swing my leg over and straddle him. We are facing each other. I smell him. Oh my gosh he smells so good. So manly. So sexy. We look at each other. I take my glasses off. THIS girl can not make out with glasses on.
We smile and I go in for the kiss.
It's slow.
It's start and stop.
It becomes awkward.
It does not feel right.
I don't like it.
We stop. I say "This will get better. We are nervous."
He agrees.
I touch his body. My hands go under his shirt. "My God you are hot! Not like Paris Hilton hot, but like fever hot!"
He is laughing.
"That sounds bad. You are Paris Hilton hot too! But I meant you are HOT, like fever hot." Oh my, there goes my mouth! I tell you what, some things that come out are not meant to be said! I am embarrassed.
Mr Stunnin says "You ARE Paris Hilton hot!"
I lean in for a kiss and it gets all awkward again. It's not the right rhythm or something. It's just off. I don't like it. Oh my, if this is what sex is going to be like, I am not going there. It would SUCK!
I am still leaning in but move towards his neck. I give him butterfly kisses on his neck and say "I like aggression. I like to be dominated. I like for the man to take control." While saying that I think, 'this pansy ass shit AIN'T cutting it!'.
Mr Stunnin goes, "I don't know how far to take it. I don't want to scare you. I don't want to freak you out." His hands FINALLY touch my body.
Electricity is flying.
I look into his eyes. "Just take it. If I tell you to stop. STOP. Otherwise, just TAKE IT."
We stare at each other for a moment.
He takes my tank top off. He is watching my face to see if this is OK. He wants it but I can tell he is afraid to take it like I told him to. With the shirt off we both realize, hot damn, I am not wearing a bra! After 5-10 minutes of a heated, steaming, aggressive make out session he stands up.
My legs wrap around him. Remember, I was sitting on him.
He carries me down the hall to where the magic happens. SCORE!
I remind him. "We are not having sex tonight."
"I am well aware of this. Let me know if I am going too far." Mr Stunning sounds husky when he says this.
He places me softly on the bed. We make out a bit more. It feels right. It feels good. This is what I am talking about!!! WHOOOO HOOOOOO! He sits up and pulls my boxers off. Real quick like.
I am naked. I don't care. He is still dressed. I tell him to take off his shirt. He does.
Magic happened.
There was no sex.
He worshiped my body.
I am a lucky lady sometimes. After 2 hours of bliss I tell him I need to get some sleep. I walk him to the door, naked. He keeps smiling. He tells me often that I am a beautiful sight to look at. He can get used to it. He appreciates that I am comfortable naked. "Do you know what you are doing to me?!"
"Yes" I said. I smile. We kiss softly goodbye.
He leaves. I take a deep breath. I can smell him on me. I go to the bedroom to go to sleep. I close my eyes and breath his scent in over and over until I fall asleep.

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  1. Loved Nikki today!!

    And BTW, I can't make out with glasses on either... hehe



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