Thursday, August 6, 2009

would lunch dates work?

June 25th, 2009

I came up with a schedule with school. This does not look good. I can not date. I have no time to date. Let's see ... school or dating. School or dating? SCHOOL or dating. I hope it is obvious but I need to stick with school.
At the 2nd date I need to tell him I can not see him again until school is over. I have about a month left for the Summer Session.
After our day of flirty chats I am very eager to see him.
I have gym first. I run home to take a shower. Yes, I am dancing in there again!
Shower. CHECK. Make up. CHECK. Hair. WET BUT CHECK. Dressed. CHECK.
We meet at my favorite Italian restaurant. So far, every man but Mr P has taken me there. I always suggest it. They always like it. I know I do!
Once again it is so easy. We laugh. A lot. We have more ME TOO moments. It was FUN. But I needed to spill the beans on school ...
I tell him "Mr Stunnin, you know I am in school. I took on more than I can handle and I need to prioritize my life right now. I will not be able to date until school is over. I know I can't really ask you to wait but I can not mess up school. I do want to see you again. If you are available when school is over, which is about 4 weeks, can we pick back up?"
He asks "Do you eat lunch during the day?"
"Yes" I say and giggle a little. DUH!
"Why don't we do lunch dates? That way we can still see each other without stopping." He is looking at me intently.
I think about this. That is a really good idea. It also shows he really wants to see me. I have been studying 3 out of 5 lunches. I can get him in once a week. At least. I start nodding. "Ok, we can do that!"
We both smile.
It's time to leave. I have approximately 4 more hours of homework in front of me. I mention that to him. In the shopping center where the Italian restaurant is, they have a coffee shop. He suggests we walk there and get a cup of coffee. This man is after my heart! Can you tell?!
We stroll over there. Order our coffee. Laugh and flirt some more. We make it back to my car.
I like this man.
I don't know if he is going to go for the kiss. I want the kiss.
I pull him to me and give him the kiss.
It's slow. It's sweet. It's perfect. I open my eyes and look at him. I swallow. We are staring at each other.
I turn around and leave. I head home and try not to think about him as I study.

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