Tuesday, August 4, 2009

poker face

June 20th, 2009
I wake up late. School is kicking my butt and I have been up late every night. I hurry to the gym and run. I go a full 30 minutes but skip the weights. I have no time for that.
I make it back home and I have 30 minutes before I need to be at the date. I open my laptop so I can dance in my shower. While I am waiting for pandora.com to open I see he is online.
I send a quick message "back from the gym. I'm hitting the showers". I giggle a little as I sent that. What man will NOT think of a naked woman?
I can be bad and that feels so good!
Oh wait. I don't know this person. I was bad and it does not feel so good.
Moving along, I see him type a message and after he hits enter it says "just finished a run myself this morning. I will see you there!"
My music comes up and I dance to Lady GaGa. ♫ Poker Face ♫
Shower. CHECK. Make up. CHECK. Hair. WET BUT CHECK. Dressed. CHECK.
Out the door I go.
We meet at the restaurant. He has an awesome body. OHHHH my WORD! NICE. You go Nikki!
We walk to the Farmers Market. Hey, it does not suck this year! There are more vendors. Lots of people. This was a good idea for a date. The conversation flows. I do not remember what we talked about but it easy. It was calm. I was attracted to him. Hey - remember me being bad earlier ... good girl Nikki! That was the way to go.
I see a friend at the Farmers Market. It's Jenni! She meets Mr Stunnin. We head back to the restaurant. We order breakfast. We have laughter. We have ME TOO moments.
I talk with my hands. A lot. I should have been born Italian. His eyes kept following my hands. I told him to stop for he would get whip lash. He liked that.
While there I see another friend. Megan. Megan comes over and realizes I am on a date. OOPSIE I can see written on her face but she stays. Megan wants the scoop! The 3 of us chat about drama of all things! Female drama that we see with another group.
Oh my. What does he think of me now? Whatever ... it's true. I am not a part of the drama but I like to watch it like a soap. If he doesn't understand or accept then he is not my man.
Three hours later I notice the time. CRAP! I need to get back to homework.
I tell him I need to go and why. I stay another 20 minutes just talking about school.
We walk outside, I wonder about a kiss but it is raining. I am wearing a white shirt. It's not a good idea to stay. I give him a hug. I feel his hard body against my body. I feel we fit. He is 5'11. The hug lasted longer than it should but it was right. I said we will talk later and I run to my car.
Starting the car the radio plays Lady Gaga. Must be a theme here. Before him and after him. Same song. She sings ♫ I wanna roll with him what a hard pair we will be / A little gambling is fun when you're with me, I love it / Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun / And baby when it's love if it's not rough it isn't fun ♫.
Damn does that fit.
I want another date.
I need to get organized with school. Get a schedule and see where I can fit him in.
He will be one that is fun to play with.

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