Wednesday, August 12, 2009

he has a crush on me

July 2nd, 2009
Third date. Lunch date.
We have not talked since the 'ring' phone call. No chats. The 'ring' phone call was to figure out where we are meeting for lunch.
Mr Stunnin and I meet at a FANCY french restaurant. We laugh, giggle, just have a grand time. We talk about my studies, gym, friends, where we have lived and some hobbies we enjoy.
After 30 minutes or so I realized I really like this guy. I have no idea who he is but I like him. I'm going to make a move to further or stop the relationship (I have no time to date, remember ... damn school).
I decided to hit him with a hard topic but one that is important. Money. I want to talk about money. I start with what I think, how I spend, how I struggled to get out of credit card debt and I am there now, how I plan on not getting back into debt ... it was a complete money talk. I then asked his opinion.
He agreed with me. He may be a little more conservative than I am but all in all we agree! It was a hearty, healthy talk and again we had a lot of Me TOO moments! Afterwards we sat and smiled at each other.
I did find out with his new job he had a significant wage increase over his last job. Due to this he was able to apply a lot of money to paying off his student loans. He has 3 degrees. He said by Spring everything will be paid off. I can't imagine what 3 degrees cost but I know it's a pretty penny!
It was time for me to get back to work. We walked to the car. I am looking at Mr Stunnin. My face turned up. I had a smile on my face. It was sunny and there was a small breeze. I remember this for my hair blew over my mouth. He brushed the hair away and leaned in to kiss me.
Once again it was perfection. I don't have to teach him to kiss "my way". I don't have complaints about how his lips feel. It was perfect. I leaned into him a little and he grabbed me so our bodies were pressed together. Wow. His body. His BODY. His FREAKIN body! Think about pressing your body against a living statue of David. Swoon! The kiss lasted for a bit. A bit longer than it should. I do not recall who pulled away first.
I know we smiled at each other. I told him to have a safe trip. He was going back home for the holiday weekend. He told me to have a safe trip, I was taking my daughter to the Ozarks for the weekend.
Back at work I update my Gmail status to "I am made of awesome".
When he gets back to work he updates his status to "She IS made of awesome".
I send him a chat:
2:29 PM Nikki: I am made of awesome
never doubt that
2:30 PM Mr Stunnin: I'm bringing a spoon next time.
Nikki: haha! What do you mean?
2:32 PM Shawn: Well... I've noticed that you're also sweet, so I was thinking that I might spoon up some of that sweet awesomeness... could be good :)
2:33 PM Nikki: I have a secret
my mind went to a dirty place there
Mr Stunnin: {gasp!} No!
2:34 PM Nikki: NO!
no it didn't
never ... nope ... never .... ever ... maybe ... sometimes ... often?
2:35 PM Mr Stunnin: mmm... I'm thinkin' correct answer is 'often'. Yep!
2:36 PM Nikki: {shrugs shoulders & looks innocent}
I don't know what you are talking about.
2:39 PM Mr Stunnin: ooo... you're a dangerous cookie, too! Doing the 'innocent, sweet girl' all to very well. I'm gonna have to keep an eye on you. ;)
2:40 PM Nikki: k
you do that

At 3:00 he tells me he has to leave to catch his flight.
Two hours later I send him an e-card from and it says "You have a crush on me." I then add "Am I right or am I RIIIIIIIIIIIGHT? Pray tell. Nikki."
He then sends a postcard 2 hours later via his iPhone and it says, "I'll admit nothing!!! OK, OK, maybe I'll admit that it is rare to have someone so indelibly inked upon my mind is such wildly vivid chronomagical colors. mmmmm. Have a wonderful trip. Mr Stunnin."

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