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ice cream

July 12th, 2009
I admit, right now, I have an ice cream fetish. It's the love of my life right now. I love ice cream. There I said it. I admit it. I love ice cream. Can we move along now?
So, on this Sunday eve around 6:00, I am wistfully thinking of ice cream. I should not be doing this for I need to be working on home work. It's just hard to focus.
I think ... ice cream. Mr Stunnin. Ice cream. Mr Stunnin. ICE CREAM. MR STUNNIN. ICE CREAM! Hey! That's a good combo.
I call him. I ask what he is doing. He is at work. I tell him to leave. I want to go get ice cream. I would like for him to come with me.
He is game. Mr Stunnin picks me up at my house and we hit Dairy Queen. I get a chocolate Butterfinger Blizzard. He gets ... something ... I don't know. It was a chocolate blizzard too, but I don't recall. I was a tad into my own blizzard to pay attention to his.
After eating ice cream we sit and chat. I tell him I do not want to go back to "school" and he does not want to go back to work.
He suggests we go on a walk in the Dairy Queen neighborhood. It's a fantastic idea! Dairy Queen sits on the corner of this quaint neighborhood. We take off down the old tree lined street. The weather is nice, low 80s, sunny and there is a slight breeze. While walking I reach out to hold his hand.
We are swinging hands, like a new couple, which we are. We keep looking at each other and smile. Almost shy smiles. Flirty smiles.
We talk about our childhood. Where we grew up. Our crazy kid adventures. We point our scars on our bodies where we were hurt and share the stories behind it. We talk about our childhood friends. The conversation stays in our childhood. We were kids again.
The walk was about 30 minutes. He drives me back home and he gets out to kiss me goodbye. The kiss lasts longer than it should. Lots of deep breaths. Lots of not want to let go. But we have to.
I go inside the house and sit at the kitchen table to start my quizzes. I notice ... I notice I smell him on me. AGAIN.
It just lingers.
I send him a chat:

8:13 PM Nikki: I can smell you on me
8:25 PM Mr Stunnin: I'm going to take that as a compliment... I cannot get enough of you. :-o
Nikki: so you are saying you can't get enough of me?
8:27 PM
Mr Stunnin: That is exactly what I am attempting to say.
Nikki: it's my Pisces / witch in training magic
8:28 PM Mr Stunnin: So... are there any herbs I get to protect myself? Wait! Why am I asking the person, uh witch, who's working her magic on me?
8:29 PM Nikki: no herbs or pills. sorry.
you are screwed
8:31 PM Mr Stunnin: Damn it!!! Oh well, if I'm screwed then I'm bring you down with me. Consider yourself to be equally screwed.
Nikki: hehe
8:32 PM NO NEVER!!!!
Mr Stunnin: You just wait, screamer! You're so... totally going to be screwed!
8:33 PM Nikki: HA!
8:36 PM Mr Stunnin: I have to say, too, that you do have an odd effect on my penmanship. Usually, it's kinda more chicken scratch-esk, and I've noticed that after spending time with you it's more flow-ish/flowery/loopy-esk. Holy Crap, you really are a witch! Cool!
8:37 PM Nikki: YOU crack me up
9:24 PM Nikki: time to take the unit exam
9:25 PM Mr Stunnin: and she's off, a little slow around the corner, but she's a strong finisher folks ...
9:52 PM Nikki: I missed 4
9:53 PM 1 for misspelling, left off an "r" so she should mark that as correct. so missed 3.
9:54 PM Mr Stunnin: Out of how many?
9:55 PM Nikki: 53
Mr Stunnin: That's an A!
9:56 PM Good goin' grasshopper.
9:59 PM Nikki: thanks
10:02 PM ok ok ok. I am going to get ready for the final exam
10:03 PM Mr Stunnin: Anything you need from your private cheer leading section?
Nikki: nope, I am good
Mr Stunnin: I really only know, 'hustle, hustle.. use your muscle... go bears go!'
Nikki: . You are SILLY! Hey, my mom just came over and I am wearing a shirt & panties
Nikki: and I say "how do you like how I am dressed?"
Mr Stunnin: hahaa
10:05 PM Nikki: and she goes "Nikki, for as long as I have known you, you have always preferred to be as close to naked if not naked, as possible" then she tells me a story (which I have heard many of times) about how I would take all my clothes off when I was little and sleep.
10:07 PM Mr Stunnin: The more I know the more I like you.. I just can't put my finger on why that is... It's a mystery.
Nikki: ;)
10:08 PM you better like me for more than my tendency to be naked
Mr Stunnin: You have no idea!
10:09 PM Your natural curiosities are seriously cool.
10:14 PM Mr Stunnin: I do have to say that I look forward to chatting and talking to you, naked or not. There's a lot more going on in here than just that you look good naked. And, you can find a lot more about that after you finish summer school.
10:15 PM Good Luck Grasshopper!

He's cool. Yes?

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  1. Girl I love ice cream too! and ice cream can be fun in other ways! HEHE wink wink


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