Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1 down

There is this boy. I call him a boy but he is really a man. I think.
He is 26. Ahhh! That sounds so young!
He is cute. No, he is a very good looking man. I would even venture and say he is hot. Very easy on the eyes.
We meet off of match and he lives in the big city an hour away. He works about 30 minutes away. However his mother lives in my town and he comes to visit her often.
We like each other. He makes me feel like a school girl. We have not gone on a date yet but we are scheduling one.
It's fitting because he is leaving in the fall to move to Michigan. Now why would that be? He is going back to school to complete his Masters.
He is smart, he has traveled, he speaks French fluently (swoon!), he loves him momma!
But he is leaving.
I do not have a nickname for him now.

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