Monday, June 1, 2009

two down

May 16th, 2009
Here I am here!! Did you miss me?
Joe Schmo & Soccer Star.
Not too great matches here.
Joe Schmo is an old pro with Internet dating. I guess I am too?? I "met" him online 2 years ago. Same time when Mr Hottie came into the picture. Well Joe & I talked on the phone and it never went anywhere. It was blah blah blah. Nothing exciting.
Fast forward 2 years to now. He sees me on match and sends an email saying all these nice things. I can tell he read my about me. He was paying attention. However I could tell he had no memory of me. Dude, that is not cool. I called him out on that. He laughed and said he thought I looked familiar. He wanted to get together. But you see, I remembered how BLAH it was with him so I said no and I said why. In a nice way. I hope.
Soccer Star!!! Oh poor SS. He tried. Everything I was looking for he did not have. But he tried. He was a pessimist. I told him I needed an optimist. He said he could change! He was still angry with his X. I told him I needed one who was "over it". He said he was (a day after he said he wasn't). SS did not want anymore kids. I said I did. He said we could try. I said bye-bye.

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