Friday, June 5, 2009

nickname needed

May 19th, 2009
Not Matt Damon AKA Stud AKA I need a nick name for this man.
He got a first date.
We went to lunch today at a sandwich shop. He is decent looking. We laughed. He was witty. It was comfortable.
When the lunch date was over he offered me his hand. I took it! But in the car I was like HHSBM!! (Holy hot shit batman) He offered me his HAND! Whatevers!
I sent him an email when I got back to work. It said I had a good time but he better not offer me his hand on the second date. haha
PLEASE help me come up with a name for him. For some reason nothing wants to stick. I think he will be around for a bit so I need one.
Here are some facts:
He works for a school district.
He was a therapist.
He is a father of 2.
He has soft lips and what I mean about that is he kisses softly. Like a butterfly. Not that I know what a butterfly kisses like ... where did that imagery come from??? (yes he got a 2nd date and did NOT offer me his hand)
His brother looks like Matt Damon and he does not.
One of HIS nicknames from his own friends is A-Rod.
He plays the guitar. Was in a band. Played for 20 some years.
He is witty.
Help me out here. PLEASE!!!

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