Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Totally Random Tuesdays

Ok, here is the deal. I do not have much to "report" at this time. There are men I am talking to. There are men who I have gone out on dates with. Nothing too exciting. Nothing that I want to make more dates with.
I have not found Mr Awesome yet. That will totally be a nickname of someone I date!
So after browsing other blogs I have decides to steal some themes. One is Totally Random Tuesdays! I will type random things. What I am thinking, feeling, whatever ... it's all random.

So Cheers to my first Totally Random Tuesday.

My ass hurts. Big time. I worked out and did lunges. Many. Too many. My ass hurts.

I love Josh Weldon. He creates great characters & shows.

I always say "grr ... argh" with the mutant enemy monster at the end of every Josh Weldon show. Don't know what I am talking about? Google it.

I hate the view out of my front windows of my home. I love the side and back views.

I look like a hot librarian when I wear my glasses.

I love the word totally.

I signed up for Condron.us and seem to be getting a lot of hits on this blog. One person stayed for 6 hours!

Parapluie is my favorite French word to say. It means umbrella.

I dance in the shower. Doesn't everyone?

I get 1 stray hair on my chinny chin chin that I HATE. It's coarse and black. All together now, ewww. I chant "out bastard out" when I tweeze it.

When I was little I wanted to be a famous singer. That dream is still with me but I know now I can not carry a tune.

Anything more than basic math scares me. I feel paralyzed and my mind goes blank. I can not reason, think or try to problem solve.

I'm obsessed with rotating my dishes, silverware and cups.

I listen to Ryan Seacrest every workday AM and in the PM I stream pandora.com.


  1. only one stray hair-you luck Biotch! I my dear am blessed with atleast 20-Damn Itallian gene's, they should have stayed in Italy!

  2. Yay for random thoughts....I'm glad that even though your dating life is on the dull side right now, you're still giving us some things to read!!

    Going to go check out Condron.com

    Hope you have a great week!

  3. I love Whedon too. And my eldest and I do the, "Grr...Arg," thing as well. I've been so tempted to break out Mom's collection of Buffy DVDs seasons 1-3 while I've been using her living room as a makeshift office this week, but I only have the week to work.


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