Tuesday, June 2, 2009

can't make up my mind

May 17th, 2009
This man gets me flustered. I like to have the upper hand. Or at least think I do. Sometimes. Yes, I want the upper hand. Not always. Damn Pisces coming out again. I want this, no! I want that! No! I want this again. OK, OK, I'm done talking to myself. Phew.
Back to the point.
Dreamer knows my sisters. He knows my childhood. He knows my family's current situation. How? He lived on the block I did when I was little. He played with my sisters. He knows things. He found my sisters on Facebook and one sister gave him the break down of my family's life (not me in particular but parents, siblings, etc.) My sister spilled the beans months before he found me on match.
This still unnerves me. He knows too much too soon. Again, nothing about me in particular.
I don't know if I should continue to talk to him.
Also with Dreamer, he HAD a dream to build this wonderful big house on a golf course. Now he is just missing the wife and kids. He wants that. Bad. Almost desperate about it. He mentioned it several times. Too many times for it to be a slip of the tongue. PLUS he said we have a special connection since my family was a good childhood memory for him.
I have NO memory of him.
Yes. Not his fault but I feel the need to drop him. Should I give it another shot or cut it?


  1. well girl you need to follow your heart.... if you feel down in your gut that you should cut him then theres the answer, but if there is that slightes doubt of "what if" hey what does it hurt to pay attention to that!

  2. He lays three big things out on the table that he wants (things you want too) commitment, children/family, and stability...how many other men are at that point...at least he can vocalize his needs...whats one more shot going to hurt?


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