Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Going once, going twice ...

June 2008-July 2008
Who will I date next? I am signed up for EHarmony. I have high hopes for this. I am ready to meet a man I have chemistry with. They seem so few and far between. It is not an automatic thing for me. I have not felt that chemistry in such a long time. Will it ever show itself again? I am disappointed in the number of matches on EHarmony. There are very few. Am I that hard to pair up with?
Oh but here is one ... right here, right here, right here!
I sent him questions.
He responded right back. Hey! He must be online!
I answered his questions and sent more.
He responded right back! Oh!! Be still my heart. It's beating like crazy.
I write. He writes back. Again. And again! We complete the entire communication within 10 minutes!
It's time for open communication.
I am SOOOO excited! <insert hand claps>
I ask him questions. He replies back!! With answers. hmm. I sent another with more questions. He replies back! Just answers again. Dude! Don't you know you need to ask a woman questions??!!!! Show some freakin interest!!
I wanted to write that. I did not.
OK, this one is a dud. Crap.
I decided to change my search radius from 5 miles to 60 miles.
Oh my word! I was going from 4 new matches a week to 20 a day! This is gonna be fun!

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