Friday, January 23, 2009

Going to Hawaii

April 2007.
Time to set up the 2nd date. I have a work dinner I need to go to and we are asked to bring our husbands / boyfriends / supporters. Hmm, we are not boyfriend / girlfriend. He is not really my supporter. Who cares! I will ask him to go anyways! He accepts.
I go to this house to pick him up. He has a nice house. He shows me his son's bedroom and the HUGE bed he made for him. This bed is a giant and takes up a whole wall. I get a sneak peak at him bedroom too!
We head off to the dinner / meeting. We get there and all my co-workers / friends know I am single. They pull me aside one at a time or quadruple team me to ask "Who is he? He is a good looking man!"
I correct them "He is Mr Hottie!". They agree. I get thumbs up. I get high fives. Damn, I knew he was hot but I did not realize how many people would like him too.
And he likes me!
The meeting is terribly boring. However there is talk about the team going to Hawaii. If we do well enough we can bring out supporters too. I look at him. He looks at me.
He says "So when do we go to Hawaii?" I think we wink at each other.
During the drive home I ask him if he is going to kiss me after the date. He thinks this is a riot. Dare a girl as for a kiss? This one seems to.
We kissed good night and off I went. I know he likes me. I know he is dating others. I know we get along.
We talk about sex on the phone. DUH! Not a lot. Just let him know I like it. I think about it. I want it.
But I do not think I am ready yet. My several year relationship just ended in February and this is only April. I do not think I am ready.
But damn am I horny.

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