Friday, January 30, 2009

RICH man, POOR woman

Septermber 8th, 2008

As most of you know I am on Eharmony again. I was matched with a 40 year old. Damn, that sounds old, doesn't it? Well to put things into perspective, 30 sounds old and that is my age.
Anywho, we did the whole communication thing. I saw his photos. Good looking man. In a lot of the pictures you saw HUGE houses in the back ground. Like one, he is on the deck of the house and these HUGE McMansions are in the back. That's fine and dandy.
I called him last night. This was our first phone call. On the call he tells me things - not bragging but very matter of fact. He has boats. He has the McMansion in the picture - found that out by what part of town he lives in. He has multiple cars. HE HAS MONEY.
YEAH! I met a man that has money.
CRAP! I met a man that has money.
I have no money. I have no money. Yes, I am credit card debt free. However I do not have savings. I am living paycheck to paycheck. I do not have the fancy clothes. I do not have the money to get a bikini wax and get my hair "did" every month. I do not have the fancy toys. Dude, I need a new fridge and I can not buy one yet.
I felt inferior. He never asked me about my financial situation, he never asked me how much money I made ... nothing like that came up. I made myself feel inferior because I know my situation and I heard some of his.
He asked me out on a date. We decided on a lunch date.
I don't know if I want to go because how can a RICH man want a POOR woman like me?
And when did I start to think of myself as poor?

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  1. You a poor woman? Hardly, you're so rich in many other ways....
    Have a great date tonight.


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