Friday, May 8, 2009

decision part 1

April 29th, 2009 Part 2 will be posted later this afternoon at 2PM Central time. I decided to text Mr Big Man as normal today. He replied back. I called him at work which is NOT normal. We had a pleasant short talk. I also called him on my way to the gym, again as normal. All conversations were nice. They all gave me hope for tonight. He shared with me, he asked me questions, we laughed. It was nice.
"Hi Mom." She called while I was driving to pick up my daughter from her dad's.
"Nikki, I did not like your psychic reading, as you know." My mom says.
"Yes, I know."
"Well I talked to Karen and asked her to do another reading for you. Do you want to know what she said?" **Karen is a psychic my mom is personal friends with and has had several readings with. I do not know Karen, she lives in Las Vegas.
"YES!" Hopefully it is happy news! I start to laugh at my eagerness. I mean tonight is to be the big talk.
My mom took notes and emailed them to me. I will copy & paste them:

He will want you to go along with a 3 way encounter. He loves you but will want to bring strange women home along with you.
Be strong and stand your ground about this.
You and he will be deeply unhappy if you give in to his wishes.
He will be grateful when you tell him, "No".
He would eventually think less of you if you were to agree to this.
You will have to tell him, "Go get this threesome out of your system and come back when you are ready to be with only me". Karen says to tell him to find a woman who thinks so little of herself ! She said your telling him this might be enough to shock the idea out of his mind.
It is going to be a rough 6 months ahead for you. Be patient because he will come out of it around September.
She said you love him very much and he loves you too, but is not ready to say it yet.
She says you will marry in future. He feels he will be too old for children but loves kids and will want to give you a child that belongs to the two of you. He will be more than happy to give this to you.
As to your health, what you have was caught early and you may have to take pills to regulate it. You will overcome it very quickly. It may not have been diabetes that she was referring to.
When you have your baby, they will have to keep eye on you in case you get diabetes again during your pregnancy.

Alrighty! What a conversation to have with my mom ... a threesome!!! Holy crap. That is so not him!!! I got the giggles with my mom. Made jokes about "ya, I am gonna call you in 2 months and say 'MOM! He wants to have a THREESOME! What do I tell him again?'" I found this hysterical! I mean, come on! I talk to my mom but not about SEX topics! haha. I just don't see this ever coming out of his mouth! It's too funny! I can't believe a psychic would pick up on such a topic! A threesome!!! haha haaaaaa!!! Oh too much! Besides with the stress he is under I doubt he has sex on his mind. It did cheer me up. It did make me laugh. I let Mom know I would update her on the conversation tonight.

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