Tuesday, May 5, 2009

that psychic sucked!

April 26th, 2009
I had a Psychic party!!! I made food! And I was told it was good! There was a great turn out. My mom was there, Sasha (who I made RSVP 100+ times), Melissa, Krista, Heather, Jenni, Aleasha and Melinda.
I am a nosey person so I want to hear all the readings. Most I can but not all. Oh, by the way, this is a different psychic than the last one.
I am excited!! It's my turn. GO! I think. Let's go, let's go, let's go. Tell me the goooooood stuff! I yell at my remaining guests to listen in! I am SO excited!
She talks about my friends ... ahh .. what does that have to do with me? She saw my friends in my reading ... hmmm. Not so exciting.
We talk about my daughter. Not good news there about my X. EEK, I don't like that.
Come on! Get to Mr Big Man!!!
She does. The cards say in the 8th month I will know what our status is. He is not my life partner. He has communication issues.
I HATE MY READING. Ahhh, that's crap! We communicate fine! And I want him so. He is my match. We fit. This can not be true.
Let's see, I will meet a dark haired man - someone I do not know now - and that will be in 8 days, 8 weeks, 8 months or August. Something with an 8. I will need to make a choice.
I HATE MY READING. She doubts I will have any more children. If I don't have anymore by the age of 38 then I will not have anymore. I will not get married. She thinks it would be good for me to become a nurse.
I HATE MY READING. I won't get married. Are you freakin kidding me?? I asked her to elaborate on that, she said I really don't care about the paper I care about the relationship, the commitment. That I will have. Hmm, that is kinda true.
I HATE MY READING. No more kids!!! That SUCKS! Mr Big Man not my partner!!! BOOOO! I HATE MY READING.
**I do not believe in psychic readings, I think they are fun and it's super cool if they come true but I do not live my life by it

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