Monday, May 18, 2009

pity party ROCKS take II

May 9th, 2009
I'm mopey. Today is to be my last day of being sad. Tonight is the pity party and after that ... I'm done. Hands washed.
But this is before the pity party. And I feel pity. I sit on the couch and mope.
Ya, that lasted for the morning then I was bored with being mopey. Off to the gym I go! And boy of boy did I have a work out!! I was proud of myself. I even ran for 40 minutes which is a doozie for me. Before that I have never gone longer than 30.
I get back to the house. I mow, I clean. I take a shower. I clean some more. I order the pizza. It's time to start the pity party!
My attendees are Melissa S, Sasha, Lindsey and Carrie. Sasha, bless her sweet heart, brought alcohol.
Oh we laugh! Oh we laugh! We had tears of laughter. We analyzed Melissa S & Carrie's life. Sasha & Linds did not share problems. What is WRONG with you two?? I want the dish! :) Then we analyzed Mr Big Man.
They told me everything I already knew. I did not cry for I must have got all that out this morning.
We look at Plenty of Fish and search for suitable men. We decided I would pay for We looked on there and picked out men for me to email. The theory right now is to aim for a younger man. The last 2 were older. With my sex drive I need a young stud!!
Hey! I am game!
I promised I would not text him again. I promised I would not email him again.
It's over. I am not desperate. I will find something better.
Yes, I will.

PS He has not written back to the first or third email.


  1. He hasn't emailed you back because he's obviously a maladjusted dorkwad whom you should not waste even a moment more on.

    Go YOU!

  2. Patience my dear, it will come when you least expect it...don't try so hard at finding the right guy...let destiny work its magic!


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