Wednesday, May 20, 2009

over the rainbow

May 11th, 2009
Damn itchiness. I want to call him. BAD. It's around Noon and I'm at work.
The urge is so strong. Itch, itch. I just ... ahhh ... I just NEED to call him. Or email him. Or text him.
Instead I get some ice cream.
And I signed up for Match. Three months. After 3 months I will switch to eHarmony if needed.

I am digging this game plan.

During the evening after my little girl is sound asleep I sit and think on the couch. I have my laptop in my lap. I think the pity party did me good. I write another email of everything that annoyed me about him. He said on Thursday he would write me soon. It's Monday night. No email. I cried some more. This time I really did let go. Instead of just saying it, I believe it.
We are over. It's over. He is not coming back. I'm not waiting. I did not send the email. I save it in my drafts. I feel better after the cry. I feel confident. I feel powerful. I feel strong. I feel this is the next stage and I am ready.
I do recover quickly. Remember?
I jump on match. My profile is complete. My pictures are up. I have winks. I have emails. I have men that have favorited me. All within 8 hours!
I wink back to 3. I email 10. I favorite a whole bunch. Ones that I will email tomorrow.
So far, I have had several emails with 3 men. No nick names yet. However I am flirting. I am laughing.
I was even called "stunning!!". HE is a keeper for now!!

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