Sunday, May 3, 2009


April 18th, 2009
"Mr Big Man, if you win the lottery I want you to give me one thing. One thing only. I do not care if we are broken up or married with 10 kids." I say this with lots of excitement.
"Ah, Nikki, if we are married with 10 kids I think we need to break up now." His tone has a tinge of panic.
"Whatever! 5 kids! Whatever!"
"Even 5 kids we need to break up now."
"Mr Big Man!! Pay attention! Whether we are together or not ..."
He nods in understanding.
"OK, regardless of our status I want one thing. I want permanent hair removal. Permanent. Can you do that for me?"
"YES! No more shaving! I would be in heaven." I clap my hands with glee.
He laughs at me. Then he stresses, "However if you win, I do not want the same thing."

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