Monday, February 2, 2009

And then he kissed me ...

September 15th, 2008

Date #2
I went to his house late. 10 PM. We did this because I have my daughter weekend 1 and he has his children weekend 2. We are not matched up on our child free weekends. His children were in bed asleep.
He lives in a McMansion. No joke.
He took me out to his deck and we sat outside for approx 30 mins. We talked. It was very easy to talk to him. Found out we had a lot more in common. Found out he likes a woman to cook. I said "It was nice to meet you. Good-bye!". He thought that was funny. People, I am not a cook! I did mention the Once a Month Cooking club I am in and he was "looking forward to it". He also said I could buy dinner and act like I cooked it. Isn't that sweet? hehe
On the deck he told me I HAD to see the closet in his bedroom. I laughed and said "All my friends said you were gonna try to get me into your bedroom!" He was offended (joking) and said I could close my eyes as we walked to the closet. We both laughed at that.
We came into the house and he turned me just so. He gave me a kiss. Ohh! A kiss!! It was very nice. However it did make me uncomfortable for I was use to the 1st kiss being at the end of the 2nd date. Not at the beginning. Plus you know, I was awful chaste up to this point with the other men I have dated.
We looked at the closet. Ya, it's big. I've seen bigger.
I told him that. The look on his face was priceless. Was he expecting me to ohh and awe over his closet? I think he was.
We sat on the couch and watched the movie 21. It's about blackjack. He wanted to hold my hand then he wanted to hold both my hands. We had to sit right next to each other. OK - HERE IS THE DEAL ... I need that when I am in a relationship. I need the touching. I need the affection ... he was giving this to me. In a relationship I would be so damn happy. Now, I was uncomfortable again. I told him this. He was moving too fast. This is the 2nd date and I am not use to that speed. He understood and asked if he should stop holding my hand. The funny thing is I said no for I did enjoy it. It felt so good! He was massaging my hands. And honestly I was feeling a little hot & bothered ... IN THE GOOD WAY!
Moving along ... at one point I was really into the movie. It's a great movie! I hear from him, LOUD & sounding a little shocked and in awe "My GOD YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!". Ahh, thank you! Talk about tinglies going up and down your spine. We were going back and forth at one time and he asked me if I was "always full of shit". I said most of the time. He said great for he found that very attractive.
He was ornery. He was funny. He was flirty. He was making me want to jump him. hehe. I didn't. There were many sweet kisses.
At the end - about 1 AM, I told him I had to leave for I was really tired. He said OK and then I had to stay until I agreed to another date. He also said he had a lot of fun and he really liked me and was looking forward to seeing me again. I said next weekend. He said that was too far away. We agreed on a lunch date too.
He kissed me good-bye at my car. Due to all the kisses inside it felt so normal and natural. Hey, maybe I should start kissing at the beginning of the 2nd date.
He called me today (Monday) at work to set up the day of lunch. On the phone he said again he had a lot of fun. He was being flirty again.
So he likes me. Can you tell? I can tell. It makes me giddy. It makes me happy. However I feel the touchy feely is a little to fast. Don't get me wrong, I love it!! But not so soon. I need to make sure he understands he needs to slow that part down. I look forward to seeing him again.
2 dates week 1, 2 dates week 2. This is moving right along, isn't it? We will either be over real soon or getting married in 3 months. hehe.


  1. Nikki,
    To see is to be deceived, to hear is to drought, only to feel is to belive.
    Many times we look, but fail to see.
    Many times we hear, but fail to lesion.
    Many times we touch, but fail to feel.
    Our eyes are the windowa into our minds.
    Our ears are our eyes of darkness.
    I am Old.
    I have seen, heard, and touched many things, on many countrys.
    Some I will share, others I are for my memories only,
    Maybe, I come from the old school?
    I do not live in a castel, yet I am a King.
    I am not wealthy, yet I am rich at Heart.
    Everything you want, and need is before you.
    Sometimes we fear sucess, more than failer?
    Your picture has your eyes closed. Why?
    You show your breast, but not not your face. Why?
    Those who fear darkness, should turn on the lights.
    Those who fear the light, should turn them off.
    Nikki, you are young, educated, beautiful, and witty.
    So I must ask, "what are you seeking?"
    the anshers are before you. Maybe you should consider?
    I am not judging, for I do not holder of all the anshers.
    I am just someone who happened to stumbled across your Blog.
    You will find your happiness. If that is your goal?

    Two Feathers

  2. Two feathes, very intriguing. I have changed my picture several times, this is the one you caught. I know why I posted it. You may find that out later.
    The profile picture I like for it shows me laughing ... I am a happy person and laugh a lot. I tend to close my eyes when I laugh. Don't you?
    I have found what I am seeking.
    I hope you become bold and post again ... as you. Not Anon.
    Come back and check in. I welcome you.
    Darling Nikki

  3. Nikki,
    I have told you of my fears. To see them, one must read between the lines. I too am a seeker of truth. Yes, I not only close my eyes when I laugh, but when I cry. I too love to laugh. Also I am not afraid to say, "yes", I cry too, when saddened. I have no fear of being a man, nore do I fear being less than a man. Fear is a sickness. There are no pills for it. We all have have fears. The anshers lies in how we read the cards that are delt to us. Ok, I am asking myself. Why am I, on a Friday night, sharing my heart with a total stranged? Because It was met to be. Because I am just that way. I guess that I am strange. Anyway, nice to meet you.
    two feathers

  4. Nikki,
    I am new at this Blog stuff.
    What does URL mean?
    My occupaytion takes me from the North to the South Pole.
    I am on call 24-7.
    I live in Hotels, and Air ports accross our country.
    My home base is Bowling Green, Mo.
    I can be anywhere in the world at the drop of a hat.
    Sometimes I don't know if I am coming or going? This is my life style, by choise. Guess the computer has becomb my family?
    the Hoopster (aka)two feathers


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