Friday, February 27, 2009

Ride em Cowboy!

January 9th, 2009
Setting the stage: Mr Big Man received spurs as a Birthday gift from his work. He is not sure why but they are pretty cool. Very nice spurs at that! They are expensive.
Mr Big Man has a 4 poster bed. A manly 4 poster bed, not a girly one! He doesn't wear spurs. At least I do not think so ... He decided to put them on one of the posts. On top of the spurs he hung his cowboy hat. I went to Mr Big Man's house last night.
The stage: In bed. Second round. I'm on top. It's the serious sex. The heavy kissing and the perfect rhythm. We are in the grove and just feeling. The tempo increases. The hearts are pounding. I sit up. The tempo increases more. Oh this feels so good. With every move there is now a JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE JINGLE! The spurs WALK down the bed post. The jingle is very loud.
It was so freaking funny. I sputtered out "Ride em Cowboy!" That made us laugh even harder. I said I am gonna "so journal this" and he groaned but kept laughing. We had to stop the sex for we were laughing too hard. Finally Mr Big Man ended up sitting up and flipping me over onto my back. I was close to the edge of the bed. We started up again and with the movement I was pushed closer and closer and then over the side of the bed. I was so far over I could not stay on and we fell to the floor! I fell to the freakin floor people!
Have you ever fallen to the floor with sex? Have you ever had spurs walk down the bed post during sex?
That was the funniest sex I ever had. I swear the memories we have will stay with us - at least me - forever.

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