Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - yeah baby!

December 15th, 2008
Whoa! Did you think I was gonna write a porn? Ya, ya, maybe I would but not on here! Come on!
Mr Big Man. He got his name because he is tall, remember? He is 6'4. He calls his son Little Man so I thought calling Mr Big Man "Mr Big Man" was a perfect fit. He does know I have given him that nickname and why I did.
He picked me up at my Dad's in the big city. I was staying the weekend with my Dad. We did not go out until late so it did not seem like I left my daughter with a baby sitter. She was sleeping. He did meet my Grandma!! She said to me later "Darling Nikki, he is a tall drink of water!"
We went to Tanners Bar. I drank. When I drink I get "lovey". The last time I really drank I got knocked up.
That should give off warning bells in your head.
The bar was great. The band was great. Mr Big Man was great. He brought me back to my Dad's house. I did not let him lead this time. I took control. We made out in the car. HEHE. Oh my word how juvenile! Oh my word how fun! Needless to say, we have great chemistry. Oh the best part - the windows fogged up!! hahahahaha. I have never fogged up windows before! hehe. We were joking about a cop tapping the window and that would prompt Mr Big Man to say "Officer, I am 40, she is 30 and we both have kids. Please don't tell".
He also has incredible self control. Thank God! I was ... geez ... I am not proud to admit but I need to be honest here ... I was almost ... OK I need to be honest!! ... I might have, a tad bit, let slip that I was begging.
{Hanging my head in shame.}
There was no sex. He turned me down! I think at one point he said loudly "I AM NOT GAY!" I might have done some name calling? I dunno! I was drunk! That is totally my excuse for loosing it like that. There was touching as TERRA said "home base". I did tell him I found another solid reason to call him Mr Big Man. The name REALLY fits.
Side note here, Carrie made the slutty comment that I named him after a body part weeks ago. GASP. Well Carrie, you were wrong but now you can be right! And the comment is no longer slutty!
Oh the fun times. We are going out again this weekend. I am stoked! Yes, that came out of my mouth and I do not know why. That was the best 3rd date EVER!

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