Tuesday, February 10, 2009

You say I am perfect?

November 8th, 2008

Mr P called me on Sunday night (2nd). Said I was beautiful, funny, kind, supportive, patient ... just perfect BUT something is wrong with him. Said he has been overworked before, has had problems with his X before, had other problems before but for some reason this time he can't cope. Said he has not been putting in effort at all towards me and that is not right. I deserve better. Again he does not know what is wrong with him but something is.
I said I have 2 questions. Are you seeing anyone else? No he says.
Are you still into me? He did not answer for a long time. I said well that is the answer you are not. He said no, that's it he is but again something is wrong with him. He is sorry. He does not want to hurt me. I am perfect. I am a wonderful person and he really likes me but something is wrong.
He said I can email him or call him. I asked why would I do that? He did not give a good answer. He said hopefully he will get out of this and maybe he would call me and we could get together again. Hopefully I will not be dating another. Hopefully he would not have lost his chance. Also said maybe I would tell him to get lost due to how he is reacting now. January is slower and he can breathe. Who knows what is going to happen. He does not want to hurt me.
I said I would drop off & disappear. I would not call him. If he missed me or wanted to start talking again he could contact me. I asked how come he could not say we just were not a match? He said he thought we were just something is wrong. How he is treating me is wrong and not like him. He is not acting like himself. This is not who is he ... something is wrong.
Again he talked about how wonderful I was and how well we got along and the chemistry was awesome and the sex was really really good. BUT something is wrong.
He brought up things from the past 2 months that I have told him. Hope your daughter stays well. Hope you get custody changed. Hope work slows down. Hope you parents are doing better .... Hope this hope that.
I said thank you, goodbye and I hung up on him.
I have never been dumped in such a nice way before. It still hurts.
I rounded up my girlfriends. Let myself have a pity party. Let myself over analyze everything. Let myself cry over what could have been. This will help me move on.
Thank you Sasha. Thank you Beth. My friends love me, pink baggage and all.

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