Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Carried me to bed

October 7th, 2008
So. Ya. Hmm.
We finally decided to have sex. Interesting that we talked about it and did not let it happen. During our make out sessions I have always been able to stop when it got too hot and heavy. Now that I am ready to take the plunge I wanted him to know I would not stop it.
In fact I kinda demanded it.
Damn sex drive.
Speaking of sex drive ... my boobs are growing! They are getting really full and I swear they are going up a whole cup size! I will brag here and say Mr P tells me often that I have beautiful breasts. I LOVE that!
Oh, get back on track here.
So, we decided for Thursday. Thursday was no go for Mother Nature showed up. I was so pissed!!! We still got together and made out but had to stop. Grrrr.
He came over again on Saturday and it was hell. He was happy but not me. How can a man get off so quickly??? I mean it was like touch and come! Jiffy Lube quick! Grrrr.
When he left we decided on Friday (10th of October).
He called me last night (Sunday) & said he switched his nights w/ his kids due to work. The event w/ work was canceled so he had the night kid free. He was going to watch Football w/ friends. Monday night football! So macho. It was something he has not done forever since he has his kids on Mon nights. I flirted & said he could come over instead. We laughed about it but nothing was decided. He said he would talk to me later. He was going out with his friends.
30 min of torture. This was pacing back & forth up & down the hall. Over & over. Do I call him back? Do I not call? I want to see him. He has not been able to see football w/ friends in a long time. I do not want to seem desperate. I do not want to seem needy. He should have his friend time. I need to call Sasha and see what she says. Ring, ring, ring ... voice mail. Damn it Sasha! Where are you?? I need girlfriend support!
Take a deep breath. Hold it. Pace some more!
I want to see him. Do I call? Ok, call, press send .... WAIT hang up. Oh my GAWD, what do I do???? Do I call him back? Did it ring on his end? No, don't call. Just wait til Friday. More pacing. More jumping up and down. More ugly faces made. Geez, I want to see him. STOP being desperate!!! Ok, do I call?
I called. I was 100% nervous. He makes me nervous! I said I was serious about the offer & he could come over. He asked "what does that mean?" I said "you can come over." He said "what for?" I said "me." He said that sounds like a good idea. I felt relief.
He was still going to watch the game & come over after my daughter is asleep. I said 9:00.
He showed up at 9:00. I was giddy. We watched football for a bit. I made fun of him for he was TUNED into the TV and not paying attention to me. Oh hello!!! You are gonna get laid for the first time and you watch FOOTBALL?? Funny typical male, huh? After 5 mins or so he kissed me. 2 mins later he carried me to bed with passionate kissing. Can you say GOOSEBUMPS? My arms were around his neck. My legs were wrapped around his waist. We were kissing all the way down the hall.
So. Ya. Finally. So when can we go at it again? Now? No? WHY NOT? Get it up again! I wanna go again! No? Damn, tomorrow? Maybe? Definitely Friday.
Hmmm. He is a keeper for now.
He better improve on getting it up again.

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