Saturday, February 7, 2009


October 16th, 2008
Mr P is obsessed with hands.
We were in bed and he was on top. Somehow ... I am not sure how ... he grabbed both my hands and pushed them out so I was in a cross like position. Then he entwined his fingers in mine. I have never had a man hold my hands during sex.
I said aloud "You can't do this, it's gonna make me want to keep you." He answered by kissing me. We were having sex, he was kissing me and he was holding my hands. Both of my hands.
Why does he do this to me?
This is like the shower. It's too intimate. He always makes me uncomfortable.
I have a secret. He is not giving it to me enough. We only go once a night. My sex drive is HUGE and he can only go once a night. It's starting to annoy me.
I know he is stressed at work and he is blaming that. I hope it is not always this way.
I guess this is my bitchy post? I need more sex and less intimacy? hehe

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