Friday, February 13, 2009

I am only one woman

December 7th, 2008
I can't handle all these men. I cut two more. Now I am down to two. I feel better and I don't need to take notes anymore! Thank the Lord for I was screwing up royally! EEK.
I have met all the men in person except for The Professor. I had a lot of fun with him but I was pulled more towards the other men so he was an easy "drop".
The Navy Man was so funny and exciting. The bad? I think he has a major anger management problem. He was a rebel to his Superiors and was always complaining about work. Also it got to the point he would only talk about sex. Yes, that is a great topic but I need more. I will miss the funny emails he sends. Oh and the texts! Priceless. However I do not want an angry man. I am so over that!
So those two are gone.
Mr Builder and Mr Big Man are left.
I had dinner with my Ex Sister in Law one night, Melinda - I must say it is so cool we still talk for I really like her and feel we have a connection - and she really made a push for me to meet Mr Big Man. I had talked with him on the phone for three weeks but we were not able to meet in person yet. She opened my eyes this was a big mistake and I needed to met him pronto. You know, he could be a freak! He is 6'4!
I could be wasting a lot of time on him.
I called Mr Big Man and told him I was not going to talk to him on the phone anymore until we met. We met 4 days later. Due to making the date to see me I still talked to him on the phone every day. Plus, this man changed his custody schedule to see me! It was impressive. He likes me. Props to him for he is the only man that has had a kiss on the first date. He went for it and I was like "YA BABY!!!"
After the first date, I called Melinda and told her all about it. He did make me a little giddy.
I really like both but I feel I connect with Mr Big Man more. That may be because I talk to him often. Mr Builder has taken a lot of business trips lately.
I think it is a riot that all my friends at the Christmas party were badgering me about who I was dating. Melissa S wanted a full update on all the men. I believe I said "give me some time woman! I need to figure out who I like!" I was table hopping for I am such a social butterfly and telling the tables about my adventures. I love my circle of friends. I am so very lucky to have found them.
Oh and Krista ... I still want the present back you stole from me!!!

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