Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr Big Man keeps going and going and going …

January 4th, 2009
Geez! I hope my mom does not read this. However she reminded me when I was younger I had a tendency to write about all my personal "stuff" and leave it for her to find. What a terrible daughter I was!!
I see Mr Big Man Friday night. There was a celebration and I meet 3 sets of couples that are his friends. One friend he has known for over 20 years! I was with Mr Big Man until 2:00ish AM. The lot of us had a lot of fun and it was nice to meet some of his friends.
His parents were still visiting his house so we HAD to wait until Saturday to get it on for the first time. However, that did not stop us from making out in his laundry room!!! It was hysterical when his mom comes into the kitchen and he is like "stay here!!!" Oh my word, how old are we? Whose house is this? Oh, it was funny. However I agree, that is not the way to meet the mother.
Saturday. I sleep most of the day! I woke up due to a phone call from Sasha going "Ah, Darling Nikki, where are you?" It was 9:10ish and I was to be at the coffee shop at 9:00. EEK! I was there in a flash. Came home, went back to bed. He sends me a text saying he is looking forward to tonight. He leaves me a message that his parents are gone and we are gonna GET IT ON!
I did not respond to the text or voice mail. I was sleeping, remember? I called him after his 2nd text and 2nd voice mail and said "Yes, we are gonna get it on, like Donkey Kong!" I mean this is going to be our first time!!!! He did tell me something really funny. When he was out with his son at Walgreens on Saturday, he found a BOB (battery operated boyfriend)! I about died! This man is a keeper.
So, I get ready. I shave!
I put on my new spectacular black bra. Very sexy. Very steamy. I even like the twins in there! Oh! They are the big twins still. YES.
He likes my hair curly, I know, what is wrong with him? No sexy straight hair for him. I leave it natural. Throw on my sweats and I am out the door. Yes I wore sweats. Easy on and off is what I was thinking.
I get there and I am so nervous. I told him I need a drink. He laughs and makes one for me.
We head up stairs.
I am walking behind him thinking, "this isn't romantic, this isn't sexy, this is not passion" ... silently freaking out. I quickly finish my drink. We talk and I am getting more and more nervous. Why did we plan this? I'd rather not know! I finally go sit on his bed while he is getting ready (kicked the dogs out, turn on the heater for it was cold, etc). I realized I am facing the mirror. I stare at myself. Judging. I am in sweat pants with a large sweat shirt on ... what was I thinking???!!! I gave myself a 4. Mr Big Man comes behind me and I tell him to take off my shirt. We are both looking in the mirror and BAM. My spectacular black bra is showing. He LIKED. I liked! I gave myself a 10 at that moment looking in the mirror. A kiss to the neck and the passion began.
That is all the details you are getting. The basics would be he has stamina! I was still a whore and there was a lot of ... well, I was very vocal. The foreplay still lasted a long time but finally when I "demanded" it he gave it to me. After the 3rd time I fell asleep in his arms. He woke me up about an hour or so later ... After the 5th time it was time to go home. I left at 2:30AM.
How about that for the energizer bunny??
I told him I was going to journal this. He gave me a look like DUH, I knew you would.

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