Monday, February 16, 2009

Mr Builder VS Mr Big Man … Is Mr Hottie back?

December 12th, 2008
My date with Mr Builder was nice. We met at a fancy Italian restaurant at 5:30 on Wednesday. We stayed there the whole time. I had to leave at 7:15 to pick my daughter from her father's house. The conversation was easy. It flowed very well. There was a lot of sharing and a lot of laughter. We do not seem to have a lot in common with our hobbies but we can see each other's point of view.
There were no sparks. However I have such a good time with him I want to continue to see him. I gave HIM a kiss good-bye. For some reason I take the lead that way with him. After leaving, I called him and talked with him on the phone up until I pulled into the driveway at the X's house. Again conversation is so easy. He lives in the big city an hour from here. This was our 3rd date. First was in a town between us, second he took off of work for 3 HOURS to have a lunch date with me and then he came to my town on Wednesday.
My date with Mr Big Man was wonderful. We met at a Mexican joint on Thursday at 6:30 close to where I live. We left there to buy pet food at PetsMart! This idea came to us because we both needed pet food and thought it was a good idea to combine a quick errand in the date. After PetsMart we went to Barnes & Noble. There we had hot chocolate and dessert. Again the conversation was easy and he would say something and I was like "me TOO" or vice versa. Very odd how much we are alike. We do have major differences but they are complementary differences. He gave me several "side hugs" at Barnes. There are sparks between us. At the end of the date he pulled me to him and gave me the kiss. 3 of them mind you! I like it when the man takes control. I was happy and tempted to ask him to follow me to my house. I did not however. This our 2nd date. First was in his hometown, 30 minutes away. 3rd date is Saturday night.
Pros: Mr Builder: Goes out of his way to spend time with me. Has the free time to spend with me. Strong emotionally.
Pros: Mr Big Man: Sparks. A lot in common. Wonderful father. Giver. Told me he "said a prayer to the Big Man (that would be God, not him, hehe) that everything is OK with the boobies". Patient. Takes control of the physical stuff. Knows about some of my pink baggage w/ polka dots and it does not faze him. My sex drive sings to him.
Cons: Mr Builder: No sparks. Too healthy (runs 4 miles 5 days a week and goes to gym for several hours 5 days a week). No children. Touch nerdy!!! haha. Can not bring myself to tell him anything about any of my pink baggage with polka dots.
Cons: Mr Big Man: TALL 6'4, I feel like a midget. His X-wife was a doozy and she is bi-polar - for real, I am not going into detail but it is a con.
Equal: both are into me. Both do not live in my town. Both are easy to talk to. Both have great careers and have made sound business moves. Both divorced. Both would like children. Both 40. Both are close to their family & love their mothers. Neither controlling and very go with the flow-y.
Alright, so I joined Facebook. I found people. People are finding me. Mr Hottie found me. Invited me as a friend and then sent me an email telling me his girlfriend is not over her X and they are having issues with it. HMMMM.
So out of the 6 I am down to 2. That's my story. And I'm sticking to it.

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