Friday, February 20, 2009

Pissy? Who me?

December 22nd, 2008
Date # 5.
I got to see his house. He had a very nice house. Beautiful. He likes antique furniture and all the pieces were big ... is there a theme here on big?? He took me on a tour of his house. Do you recall with Mr P, he showed me his closet and I said "I've seen bigger?" Well, I told Mr Big Man this and he thought that was funny. On the tour of his house, Mr Big Man wanted me to see his closet too. It was all in joking fun so I said yeppers and we took a look. The closet is bigger than Mr P's! haha. Bonus points, Mr Big Man has the better house. By far.
After the tour he put Kate's bike together. It took him 10 minutes or so. He did not look at the directions, just did it. It was pretty cool. A man that can use his hands like that is so freakin sexy to me. I told him I would never forget him since he was the man who put together my little girl's first bike. He turned and smiled at me when I said that.
After the bike was put together we started to watch Batman Returns. It was good. I think I missed the last 15 minutes or so of the movie. Now why would that be?? Hmm.
He took my hand and we went upstairs. OK ... my sex drive came back and I think like a man now. I just want the damn sex. I still did not get it! I was pissed!
I told him I did not like him. This was mean. At one point I quasi yelled at him "Are you freakin kidding me?! You MUST be the woman in the relationship and I MUST be the man!!!" Yes it is bad I said that. Yes he still continued.
It was an hour and a half of foreplay. It was delicious. I just completely let go. I trust him 100% and I do not know why. The things he did and how he did them were freakin amazing. It was like my whole body was worshipped and not just one part. It was better than any sexual experience I have ever had except of course the no sex. How can a man have that much self control? I was still a whore!
I asked him if we were ever going to have sex. He said yes definitely. It is going to happen. 10 minutes later I asked if it could happen now. He still said no. Damn him. Bless his heart for doing the right thing.
I left his house at 2:15AM.
His parents are staying at his house until January 5th or so and my whole family is at my house right now. I am not meeting his parents / family and vice versa. I said to him that it seems we would have to wait 2 weeks to see each other again. He said we would figure something out and we did not have to go that long. Last night we made plans for breakfast on the 26th. I wanted the breakfast so there would be no temptation. I need to behave!

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