Saturday, February 14, 2009

growing boobies maybe a problem

December 10th, 2008
Curiosity got the best out of me & I called the OB/GYN. Why you ask?
Well my boobies are growing. They have since September. They will get really big (overflow the bra) and then go back to "normal". When they grow it feels like I am getting milk and they are very tender. The cycle seems to last 2-3 weeks and this is the 3rd trip if you will.
So, I called the Dr yesterday & talked to his nurses. They asked if I was able to express milk. Yes, I tried it last week or so. When was the last time you nursed? My daughter was weaned 1/07. Almost 2 years ago. Are you sexually active? AHHH. I am NOT preggers! If y'all recall Mr P had a vasectomy and we used condoms plus I have had 2 menstrual cycles since we ended. They talked to the DR and he wants labs ran. I could have a high level of prolactin.
What does that mean? The nurse said if it is in the high normal range, it's no big deal. I asked what if it is not. She said we will run labs to see where you are. She completely changed the subject and did not answer me! Maybe she did not know the answer or she did and did not want to freak me out.
Labs will be run on Friday. I need to wait 3 days after expressing milk. The funny thing is the milk was so little. So very little. Nothing to write home about. However there was milk.
Time to google.

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