Wednesday, February 18, 2009

boobie report

December 16th, 2008
Labs were in. Prolactin levels are "normal" and other tests came back fine. Per the DR get use to it.
Approx 2 weeks before the period they will grow due to an excess of hormones and when my period is over they will go back down. No reason to be alarmed and it is very common.
Crap, now I need to buy 2 sizes of bras. Isn't it odd it started when I am 30. Whomever I get to share the twins with will be happy. He will get 2 sets of boobies to play with.
I bet this goes along with the increased sex drive too. hmmmm
Can I share an example of how bad it is. ahem. I want to call out sick from work so I can masturbate. I think about sex EVERY.FREAKIN.MINUTE. It can be a tad overwhelming.
No joke.
Yes, the man will be very, very lucky.

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