Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's raining men!

November 17th, 2008
Oh my word! I have hit the jackpot. I said I was jumping into the dating world and I have! Cannon Ball style. Did you FEEL the splash?
There are men, men, men ... all into me and I am chatting with them like crazy. Yummy.
Right now I have narrowed it down to 6. YES, that is with a narrowed down list!!
I have Brian, Brian, Navy Man, The Professor, Mr Big Man and Mr Builder.
I have had LONG talks on the phone with Mr Big Man. We are talking hours here. Almost every night. There goes my sleep. I tell him my secrets. I am happy talking to him. Everything seems so relaxed and we get along fabulously. I met him on Plenty of Fish (POF). He is a project manager. The reason why I gave him this nickname is because he is TALL! 6'4 tall. I am 5'. Also he calls his son Little Man. I like this man but I don't know if we will "fit". hehe
I also email during the day and talk most evenings (before Mr Big Man's phone calls) to Navy Man. WOW. He flirts outrageously with me. The things he says! Shameful!! He is so damn funny. I am laughing almost the whole conversation. I also met him on POF. He is in the Navy - could you tell with the nickname?? I am so entertained with him. Before I even open his emails I am already laughing. They are just so funny.
The Professor. We have a lot in common. Everything is easy going. I do not talk to him much but he sends me very witty and fun emails. I met him on eHarmony and he is a Professor at a State College here. He loves that I read ... I love to read and I can tell I will learn so much for him.
Mr Builder coming along next. Whoa. This man is into me! He moves mountains to see me. He is an architect and I met him on eHarmony. He lives about 45 minutes from me. We also chat on email a lot.
And we have Brian and Brian. That is their name! Honestly with everything going on with Mr Big Man, The Professor, Navy Man and The Builder ... I have no more time. I want to get to know the Brians but I am only one person. So after this I will need to cut them loose. Write a Dear John letter. Hey! I will be down to 4.
I have dates lined up every free spot I can find. I have double booked dates on the same days - 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening. I have lunch dates. I am a dating whore!
Yes I take notes. Yes I forget what I said to one and not the other. Yes I say "was that you who told me ...". Yes I have been wrong! Yes they all know I am dating others.
So far everything is over the phone and email. I am worried about the chemistry. Hopefully I have something with one of them.
Dates start tomorrow!!!


  1. How exciting! Definitely plan on keeping up with your post to hear about your adventures in dating.

  2. It is so interesting reading what you are going through in your dating life. That is great that you can be so honest.

  3. Sounds like you are having fun. It is good to have fun and explore your options in order to find what you really want in a mam. And the double standard of men who date more than one woman at a time are considered studs and women who date more than one man at a time are tramp has got to go!!! This is 2009 for gosh sake. And if men can be picky and not settle for just anything that comes along, why should we have to. You go girl!!!


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