Saturday, February 21, 2009

Nice and Naughty

December 29th, 2008
Date #6 and Date #7
#6 We went to breakfast on Friday morning. I drove up to his town and parked at the park and ride by the toll. He picked me up and we went to First Watch to eat. He saw a co-worker there and we stopped at their table and he introduced me to her. I liked it. It made me feel like he thinks I am a keeper for he wants me to meet his work family. We went to our table and ordered our food. The conversation flowed as it always does. It is amazing to me how many times he says something and I say back "me too!" AND I AM NOT LYING! It really is me too!
One thing I really like is how creative he is. We talked about Leonardo Di Vinci and how he had a million ideas, inventions and things going on at the same time ... Mr Big Man reminds me of Leonardo. He writes music, he writes poetry, he writes books, he invented this accessory for kids (can't go into detail for it will make big money), he builds things ... working on a bed for his son, he installed hardwood in his home ... the list can go on and on.
I am so not creative like that but I already know where I fit in. We talked about this. I keep him on track. I am the planner.
Mr Big Man's parents were watching Little Man while Mr Big Man went to breakfast with me. We were to be gone for 1.5 hours or so. Not a big deal. I asked him what time it was ... 3 hours later. Holy crap we need to get back! He called his parents and let them know he was heading back. On the drive back to my car we said we would go out again Saturday night. WOW! A Friday and Saturday date? This is moving right along. We said our good-byes which were completely PG. It was a nice sweet kiss.

#7 Mr Big Man picked me up on Saturday. The snow and ice day! He drove to my house. We went to eat at Ruby Tuesday and then went to Barnes and Noble for hot chocolate and dessert. I love, love, love, LOVE that he loves hot chocolate like I do. I asked him if Barnes was our date spot and he said it seems to be. We closed down Barnes ... 11PM this time and went back to my house. We were watching TV when my daughter walks into the living room! THIS MAN HAS SEEN MY DAUGHTER twice!!! I do not think she saw him for she was really sleepy but she was looking in his direction. I scooped her up and took her back to bed. After having that heart attack we chilled for a bit. My mom's dog came out and he played with him. After some time we started the make out session.
No PG here, completely X rated. Yeehawww! This man blows my mind. FABULOUS. Yummy. Just incredible. Makes this woman so weak in the knees I can not stand. Literally, I try to stand and I fall right back down. Still no freakin sex. However due to the conversations we had on the phone I understand why. I did not get pissy this time. I still let go and he still caught me. I was still a whore. A whore that does not have sex, is that possible? It is gonna happen very soon. I made him promise!!! haha. I am so looking forward to it. I am still so very scared. Remember his nick name fits very well.
Y-Day ... (Yes, yes OMG yes Day AKA we are gonna have sex!) is January 3rd. I know this. I was promised this!
We are going out again on Tuesday night. Not sure what we are going to do. Then of course we are going out on Saturday 1/3. I KNOW what we are going to do. ;-)
Side notes, I have many nicknames for him. He knows them all. They are: Joey (not his name), Charlie Brown, Mr Big Man, his long name, his name shortened (IE Nikki for Nicole)
I now think about him all the time. I am not seeing anyone else at this point. I have a boyfriend people.
We have not made it official but with us setting the Y-Day it might was well be. We both agree that once sex starts we are EXCLUSIVE.

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