Monday, March 2, 2009

Funny hardy hard har

January 12th, 2009
I am playing here.
When my boobies decided to grow to huge proportions to my body I also experienced an increased sex drive. Wow, fun, great, right? Ah no. I have never had a sex drive this big. I can't have enough. I want it now. No, NOW. No, I am not kidding, right freaking now. I want it to last hours. No joke.
I should be hooking up with a man that has the sex drive of a 22 year old.
So, it was great and wonderful with Mr Big Man the first time. 5 times. HOWEVER it was not long enough. Maybe 15 minutes each "session" Ya, ya, first time jitters is the excuse I heard.
So, the second night we went 2 times. There was a time frame involved so I had to leave after the 2nd time. By the way I wanted it again, for 2 times was not enough. And again it was not as long. Maybe 20 minutes. What can that time frame be blamed on?
So the third time was 3 times. No time frame. I actually made a comment that I needed to look at the clock to see how long we went. I did not tell him why but again it was not long enough. Maybe 20 minutes. This is driving me batty. I am officially a whore. A non-paid whore.
Let's break it down. This is the sex drive of a Miss Darling Nikki:
New relationship sex drive (bunnies)Increased hormone sex drive (booby thing)Regular sex drive
Three sex drives going on for me.
I do not think he can keep up with me. I think I could go happily every day at least 3 times. That would be at a minimum. My usual would be 2-3 times a week at a MAX.
When he left on Saturday night I asked when we are going to see each other again. His first response was Friday. I thought I would kill him. I am sure he saw the daggers from my eyes. He then added Tuesday night too.
I did start BC pills on Thursday. I am hoping it will curtail this sex drive. Right now what it is doing is making me a beyotch. I am a horny beyotch. A moody horny beyotch. What a sexy combo.
I am playing here.
Not really.

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