Friday, March 20, 2009

so there are warts.

February 6th, 2009
Na na na na naaa. I get another sleep over. Hell ya!
This time it was not due to our custody schedules matching or some pre-arranged custody schedule change. No, this time I got an over night baby sitter. Grandpa & Grandma to the rescue.
They have been asking for this for about a year now. I finally gave in. I felt guilty as hell but know this is not a bad thing. Every one won. That's a good thing.
I still felt guilty.
Mr Big Man picks me up in the big city where my Dad and Step Mom live. We are having an official date. We are going to a dinner then a movie. Our first movie.
So far I think we have both been on our best behavior. Tonight I get to see some warts. There was terrible traffic. He make it late to my Dad's. The traffic to the movies was bad. We ran out of time to go out to eat.
Subway to the rescue. So we thought. They have a drive thru! How cool is that? We sit and wait and wait. We talk to screen. Nothing. OK, do we go in? We are in a hurry! The movie starts in 20 minutes. Ok, lets go in.
The lady behind the counter moves sloooooooowly. So sloooooooowly. The ham is put on perfect. Oh wait! Let's adjust it some more. There, perfect. The cheese is layed down so gently. It also needs to be adjusted.
He was frustrated. I can tell he wanted to YELL "JUST HURRY UP!!!!!!" But he didn't. I started laughing. He walked away for he was so frustrated. I kept laughing.
10 minutes later we left. He was bitchin about Subway the whole time. Ya, they were so damn slow. It was amazing. We got to the movies with 6 minutes to start time.
I have told you this before, Mr Big Man is 6'4. I am 5' 1/4 inch. He was walking quickly. I had to jog to keep up. I yelled "HELLO? There is a short woman here. Slow down!"
He took my hand and walked faster. I was dying with laughter at this point. And running!
We picked up our pre-paid tickets and stood in line to get our drink. We picked the shortest line.
Murphy's Law kicked in.
10 minutes or so later, we were able to purchase our $18 drink and popcorn. At this point he starts laughing too. Nothing has gone right.
Again we run to the room showing the movie. It was 'PUSH' by the way. We made it in RIGHT before the movie started. We missed all the previews. His favorite part.
The movie was good.
On the drive to his house I called my Dad to see how my daughter was. Just fine, she went to bed without any problems. That made me feel better.
We make it to his house. I get all ready for bed again. Hair up, make-up off, teeth brushed. I walk to him where he is sitting on the bed.
He made love to me last time. It was my turn to make love to him. I did. It was great. It was great. It was great. It was great. I think it was great. It was full of my love.

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  1. Just giving you some bloggy love, you looked like you needed some bloggy love!!! Great always!!


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