Thursday, March 12, 2009

Brings me to center

January 29th, 2009
I am driving down the road. In my own little world. It's been a rough day. Emotionally and physically. My mood is off. I am unhappy.
The phone rings. It is Mr Big Man. Do I answer? I'd really rather be alone and be unhappy by myself.
However I do like him. Ring, ring.
I better answer.
I do. He starts off all happy and chipper. Asks how I am. He knew from earlier I was not having a good day. I told him it was the same. He does not try to "fix" the situation as most men do. He listens. He did the "aha" and "oh" at the right times. After I vented I felt better! I told him so. He said he was glad for he did not like to see me that way. He cared about me. Wants me to be happy and healthy and he would do what is needed to get that done. Again he said he cares about me.
When Mr Big Man said that to me I had a fleeting thought. It came and went very quickly.
Can you guess what it was?
I bet you can. It was I love you.
I am not sure if I really think that or not. One thing I am sure of is Mr Big Man knows what to say to me. He knows how to bring me back to center. That I do love about him. THAT I have not found before in a boyfriend.
Two times I have thought I love you. I guess 3rd time is the charm??

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  1. What a nice post!! I love it when DH just listens when I'm in a funk. And those moments when you realize that you love someone....aren't those just the best!!

    Tagged you for an award, because you're so fabulous in your stilettos!!


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