Monday, March 23, 2009

hit and run please

February 8th, 2009
So I am a little crazy. I never claimed I was not.
Since getting on the birth control pills I am not myself. The sex drive has gone back to normal I think but other than that ... I have insane mood swings. Kinda scary. Kinda crazy. He sees them. Mr Big Man knows what is up and does not freak out. He said he figured it would take 2 months or so to level out in me.
Hopefully that is true. Gotta love a man that can take the crazy moods in stride.
So, I asked him this day if he remembers the 31st of January. He said yes and told me all about it.
Then he goes into telling me how he talks about me. His family knows about me. His friends. His neighbors. {side note here. on one visit I walked in the door and his phone rings. I heard him laugh and then hang up. He said it was his neighbor and they said "atta boy" and hung up. how funny is that?!}
Mr Big Man said everyone wants to meet me. I thought that was great but I was thinking I did not know how we would work it since we have our children opposite weekends. He also said his mom will tell him if I need to go. She was silent on his marriage and was not going to be silent anymore.
Oh no!! I want a hit and run meeting. Meet the parents. Walk out. He said no. Damn!

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