Friday, March 13, 2009

6" stilettos

January 31st, 2009
I have wanted this from him. I have craved the passion. I have missed it.
I got it.
Friday was our 2nd sleep over.
I sent him a naughty email during the day telling him a fantasy I had for this evening. I said I was wearing a dress and that he needed to take advantage of that. That is all I am sharing with you! Use your imagination. hehe
So, I leave work at 5 and go to my hair appt. I get a hair cut and she curls my hair at the end. Big, sexy, romantic curls. Mr Big Man likes curly hair.
I arrive at his place. I am so excited! Did he read my email? Is he going to "follow the instructions" of the fantasy?
I am wearing a dress. Yes, I know I told you that already ... but with the dress I am wearing my 6" stiletto high heels. I am hot.
He has the garage open for me to park in. I love that he gives me the garage. This is a trend I hope he continues.
I leave all my over night stuff in the car.
I walk into the house.
You hear the click click click click of the heels on his hard wood floor. I love that sound.
The dogs start barking. They come down to greet me. "Mr Big Man" I call. Yes I call him Mr Big Man in person too (not all the time mind you). I stop in the living room by the couch.
I hear him coming down the stairs. My heart is pounding. It was a hot fantasy. GAWD!! Did he read the email???
He sees me. His eyes get big and he gives me a big smile. "You are fucking HOT" he says.
I smile back.
He comes to me and kisses me. Softly at first then more aggressively. He stops and takes off my panties.
Oh my word! Are you as hot and bothered as I am??
He starts to have sex with me. All of a sudden he lifts me up and carries me up the stairs to his bedroom. I am still wearing the heels and the dress. He is inside me the whole way up.
We fall to the bed.
THIS is passion people! Holy hot shit. It was amazing. It was sexy. It was powerful. I think I will need to wear the heels more often.
Afterwards, as we leave the house to meet his friends for dinner, I ask him if I should put the panties back on or leave them off. He tells me to leave them off.
I do. We have a good time with his friends. Several times during dinner and drinks I would catch him from the corner of my eye staring at me. I would see his small smile. I know what he was thinking.
In the morning, after having sex again, we are on our backs and my arm is up over my head and we are holding hands. There was silence. No talking. No music. No TV. Nothing. I think this is the most beautiful moment right now. It it real. It is what I have been missing. I love you. Where have you been? I am glad I found you. I love you. I do not tell him this. I do say to him "Mr Big Man, remember this moment. Look at the time. Remember the day. Remember what we are doing and how you feel. Remember this moment. In the future I will tell you why I wanted you to remember it." He looks around. Checks the time. Looks at me.
"I will remember it" he says.
It was so peaceful.
He made me breakfast. As I was leaving I asked "do you remember the moment?"
He says, "I do. I remember the day, January 31, 2009, 9AM, we were in bed, we were holding hands, I remember what you were wearing - nothing but a sheet that was only covering half your legs and I remember what your face looked like. I remember what your breasts looked like. You were beautiful. I remember."
How long do I / can I keep this secret to myself? I am in love.

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