Monday, March 9, 2009


January 26th, 2009
I am reading a book. It is a very good book.
There is a scene where the women in the neighborhood are getting together and all the children are together at one house where the men are watching the kids.
The women are having a ball together.
I put the book down and image myself in that situation. I daydream.
After the fun with the women we go back and mingle with the men and the children. I go to Mr Big Man.
I sit on his lap and give him a kiss while watching our children play. I then turn to look at him and say "I love you. This is a perfect moment. You are holding me. Our children are playing with the other kids in the neighborhood. Everyone is laughing and smiling. What a perfect moment. I love you."
I snap out of the daydream.
Holy crap! Did I just say I love you? AND TWICE AT THAT!
Scary daydreams!! Don't come around no more and cause trouble! You hear me???!!!

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