Friday, March 6, 2009

Rules Rules and more Rules

January 25th, 2009
Seriously? We have rules? We are 2.5 months in (approx) and I had to throw out rules? Can you image his thought process when I told him I needed to start rules between us? haha
I bet I scared the crap out of him. hahaha
Sorry Mr Big Man.
Ready to hear my disgusting rules?
Rule #1. Get sleep.
Rule #2. Eat
Rule #3. Scratch that itch!
These terrible rules were brought into the relationship because this man … this Mr Big Man had a terrible habit of staying up to late and then he has an excuse that he can not perform 5 times a night because he is TIRED. Big baby.
Plus he “forgets” to eat and when I get there he has his food in the microwave and I have to wait for him to eat ... and digest ... before I get to be the whore like me.
And then he can only scratch that itch so much because he is tired AND food deprived.
Insane man. Heed these rules! Obay them! Never break from them!!
He agreed to my rules. Said they are very important. He especially values rule #3.
He is so fun to play with!

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