Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

February 14th, 2009
All the way up until the 11th I "knew" I would be able to spend V-Day with Mr Big Man but I also "knew" I would not be able to see him until the 9:00 hour.
On the 11th he said he got a baby sitter and we would have a proper date.
That meant so much to me.
I arrived at his house around 7:30 and asked where are we going?
He did not make plans. Are you kidding??? It's Valentine's Day!! He said he called around and most places had a long wait. Ya! It's Valentine's Day!! We would play it by ear.
You know, at least he put effort into getting a babysitter, right?
We ended up at the same brewery of our first date. That kinda fits doesn't it?
I don't remember what was said but we indicated it was a table for 2. I turned to him and looked lovingly into his eyes and gave a little smile. I couldn't help it. He looked so kissable and I had to pull him down to me to kiss. It was a quick one but sweet. The server saw then says "please follow me." We are still looking into each others eyes and Mr Big Man says "after you sister."
I said "OH.MY.GAWD." Then I hit him. Not hard mind you, just a how dare you say that slap on the belly.
The servers face goes into shock mode then she starts laughing.
It was pretty funny.
We had a great meal and head back to his house.
The TV was on Sports Center - the baby sitter is a male Senior in High School - and we sit and chat for a bit while Mr Big Man makes sure Little Man is sleeping.
The baby sitter leaves.
Mr Big Man and I talk, we just enjoy the time. That is until he realized Sports Center is on. His mind zeros in there. I was like Oh NO! Sports Center is not taking Mr Big Man away from me on Valentine's Day! I decided to be naughty and give him a present. A present with my mouth. That was given below the belt. **oh no she didn't!!** Oh yes I did!
That took his mind off of Sports Center! Isn't that every sport enthusiast males ultimate dream?? Well I gave it to him.
I was well rewarded later.
It was a passionate night.

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