Monday, April 6, 2009


March 8th, 2009
I have a Doctors appointment tomorrow morning.  This is to find out what is going on with me.  The appointment is first thing in the morning.  The Doctor's office is located in his town which is 30 minutes away from me.
I call Mr Big Man.  I ask how much do you want to see me?  I mean we were together Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  He wants to know what is going on.
I am nervous.   This could be terrible news.  This could be no big deal news.  This could be no news.  I am nervous.
He tells me to come on up and he would love to have me.
I go.
The first thing he does when I walk in is give me a big hug.  It's long, it's tight and it comforts.  It's what I needed.


  1. don't you just love a good long hug? mmmmm.....

    leaving some love from SITS :)

    (hope your doctor appointment goes well!)

  2. Sending you love and prayers......hope all is well!!! ♥


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