Tuesday, April 28, 2009

drive by shootings

April 11th, 2009
Have you ever seen the convenience stores called Cum and Go?
I have. I think they were on the East Coast.
Every time I saw them I would laugh at the name, thinking who would venture there?? I didn't. 
Well it looks like I had no choice today.
Mr Big Man was on his way to his parent house for the Easter holiday. He said he would stop by ... are you figuring out where I am going here? ... for a visit. He had to be at his parent's house by a certain time.
Well he is late. Later than he thought he would be.
He comes into the house and I make him fix my smoke detector. Can't go up in flames here, you know!
Get this, he does this without a ladder! Without going on his tippy toes! I can jump as high as possible with everything outstretched and still be a solid foot away!
I digress ...
He fixes it. I tell him I have to go to the bathroom. I do. When I open the door to come out ...hehe... he is in my bed. Naked. Giving me this come hither look! It was too funny.
I tell him to hold on, I better lock my doors!
I came back and ... well ... he ... comes. Or cums. I hate the spelling of that! Gives me the heeby geebies.
Then the bad boy gets dressed and heads to momma's!
It was a drive by.
OK, I am giggling here. I see a huge pecker spraying something out of the opening while he waves and drives by.
A hit and run! HAHA.
OK! I am dying here! Can you see it too? HAHA
Oh memories.

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  1. That is something else indeed. I might have busted a gut laughing if I were you.


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