Thursday, April 23, 2009

smells fishy

April 2nd, 2009
Sleep over, sleep over, sleep over!
We are banging these out, huh?!
Today is our 4th anniversary with dating and our 5th month of knowing each other. Seems like a long time ago I met him but really it isn't.
So much occurred this night but I want to talk about one thing. Tuna.
Yes, good ol tuna.
You see, I am a tuna fan. While debating what we are going to have for dinner (neither wants to cook or go out) he is opening up cupboards and I spot tuna. Not just one can mind you but 50 or so cans. I burst out laughing. Who has THAT many cans of tuna in their house???
I say "Ohhhh, TUNA!! I want TUNA!"
He didn't seem to think it was a funny as I thought it was.
Now the fun part. How many ways are there to make tuna? I am sure hundreds but I really like my tuna my way. I'm picky like that.
I tell him I could eat a whole can on my own. He says he could too (another me TOO moment).
I tell him I want to make my can my way.
He says he wants to make his can his way.
Death glares are staring each other down. It's too much and we start laughing.
He sends me to my side of the kitchen. "Don't you step foot on my side!" he says. I proceed to gather my ingredients. Thankfully they were on my side. Poor him, his ingrediants were on my side too (I got the better side!) and every time he ventured over I shot dirty looks. He plunks down my can of tuna and says "Don't you dare let your tuna touch my tuna" very sternly.
The giggles start up. They don't stop. The giggles turn into loud rolls of laughter. How funny is this? How old are we? It was such a fun time.
We finish making our tuna and sit and eat. I eat most of mine then I am full. He finishes all of his and then finishes mine. He admitted mine was pretty damn good. Ahhh, duh! I know!!!
By the way - my tuna never did touch his tuna.

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  1. Everybody who likes tuna has to have it "their way" I think. My husband and son gag and run me out of the room whenever I make it, though. They don't care for it, I guess. :)


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